Unless you live under a rock (how is it under there?) you would have probably heard of Sh*t Girls Say! It’s a viral sensation, the crème de la crème of youtube procrastination, and in result sparked a mass market of copy cat video makers!

And guess what! The Sh*t Girls say creators have made a book! It’s available onlineand in store at Urban Outfitters. The book does exactly what it says on the tin, a hilarious collection of all the things girls might or might not say! We strongly recommend it!

To celebrate the book’s release into UO stores, Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard (The men behind the madness) have dedicated a video to the sh*t girls say at Urban Outfitters… It’s like… totally funny!

We also managed to have a good old chat with Kyle and Graydon…

Hello Kyle and Graydon! Please… tell us where your from?
Kyle grew up in Comox on Vancouver Island, and Graydon grew up in a town called Gravenhurst.

Where do you now call home?
We live together in Toronto.

And what’s the best place you’ve ever been?
We love Los Angeles! The Maldives are high on our list for vacation spots, so hopefully that will be the next best place.


On a scale from one to excited, how excited are you about the book?
We’re ecstatic, we really love what we’ve done, and we’re so excited to see people picking it up and sharing it with their friends.

And why should people buy it?
We think it’s a really fun extension of what we’ve done before. We created this world for the character to live in, and had a great time doing it. None of the things you see in the book are photoshopped, we made everything ourselves.

Just how much shit do girls say?
Well, we haven’t stopped compiling them, so we’re willing to bet it’s a lot!


Do boys say shit too?
Of course, it’s just never as good as what girls say!

What kind of things do you think they might say?
A few people have made “Shit Guys Say” videos; it’s usually quite sports and beer focused.

You worked for Urban Outfitters for a while – how was it?
Kyle worked at one in Vancouver, as well as the Covent Garden location. Graydon worked at a store here in Toronto. It was always really fun, we made some good friends during those times.

You’re a boy, is it fun to dress up as a girl?
It’s always fun to get your face painted and get attention! The Spanx help a lot.


What’s your favourite quote from the book?
That poor dog needs water!

Shit Girls Say: The Movie, when is it happening?
As soon as there is enough concealer in the world to cover up Graydon’s stubble for the big screen!

What’s 2013 looking like for you?
Hopefully we will get to keep doing what we love.

Tell us a joke
So I was dating this guy with a lazy eye… It would have worked out but I realized he was seeing somebody on the side!