WELCOME to all the wonderful mummies who want honest, practical, current and modern tips, advice and interesting articles that make YOU feel empowered and most importantly not alone in the crazy life of parenthood!

184879_10150099391241743_5782928_nI’m Lynsey and I am mum to crazy 4 year old Finley and a new mummy to a fantastic little baby girl called Elsie. As a new mum with no history of babies or parenting boy did I struggle when he arrived! I looked everywhere for practical and modern advice from pregnancy days to labour, holidays with the kids to sleeping to feeding – you name it! Now as a mum of 2 I am living the dream of nappies, pre school learning, baby sick, Lego stuck in my feet and managing a home. Welcome to the madhouse!


Hopefully I can share with you all the amazing things about being a mum from the highs and lows, the practical to the exciting, fun and stylish!

Juggling a job (currently on maternity leave), a house renovation and raising my kids my life can sometimes be manic and I felt so alone. BUT fear not! You are never on  your own and its great being a mum! As a mum of 2, things are definitely different but I’m keeping it real and honest. No celeb mum tips here!

So what defines me: being with my loved ones (family), elegant shabby chic styling, being creative, cups of tea, spicy food, supporting friends, travel, fashion and make up, red wine, cooking and music. A real mix!

Name: Lynsey

Nickname: Lyners, Lynnie, Pinz, Lyns and now mummy, MUUUUMM and ‘Wahhhhh’ 🙂

Pornstar Name: Sasha Blackberry

If I was a character on Friends, I would be:  Monica crossed with Rachel – a total mix of both characters. But I would say I most like Miranda off SATC (even though I always wanted to be Carrie).

Favourite Quote: 

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”

― Judy Garland

Most inspirational Woman: I don’t have one. I read about courageous women everyday who sacrifice their homes, family, Children bodies, children, sexuality and race to survive. My mum would come a close contender after raising 3 girls after my father passed away when I was 5. Looking at my life at 32 compared to hers at 32, I have it easy.

Best advice given to you: ‘Never apologise for who you are, the decisions you made or make. Those who do make you apologise do not love you like I do’

Childhood Dream Job: Air Hostess, then it turned into being a pilot when I saw the sick bags!

Favourite Fashion Item: I love a pencil or midi skirt

Favourite Handbag: I do not own one but I would love an Hermes Birkin or a VB Harper bag

VB Harper bag











Favourite Film: Being an ex film student, I could not possibly pick 1 but my favorites consist of anything science fiction or comic book related (I have penchant for Iron Man and Thor at present) I also love Alien, Lord of The Rings, Sense & Sensibility,  The Goonies, Amelie, Good Will Hunting…and many more

First Crush: Jordan Knight from New Kids on The Block and then my now husband at 13 years old!

Pets: My big softie of a cat, Kike who was names after a fearless Cheetah mum on Big Cat Diary

What makes Women Independent?: Being sure of who you are and what you want in a positive, uplifting, selfless way. I love being a women and all the differences that separate us from men. That is what makes us special….we can achieve so much! I also thing being kind and thoughful. I sometimes get told I am too nice but after 34 years of being nice, I have landed in a pretty awesome home with great husband, family and friends and I don’t have many enemies (I like to think not anyway!)

I hope that tells you a little more about me!

I love the time I get to read a good magazine and I hope that in my posts you will pick up some hints and tips from health and beauty, fashion, other mums, advice, food and cooking and numerous other tips that make juggling our lives easier!

Most importantly  I am still ME and I will always be that same girl who grew up singing to Kylie Minogue and Five Star (that really does show my age! LOL).

I love being a woman and am incredibly proud of all you fellow sassy ladies out there who are independent and embracing all that life can give you.

I will be posting and sharing  with you on a regular basis so read, relax and enjoy! If you want to know more about me then see below 🙂

L x