The new Perfume made from urine, feces and human hair!

Yes ladies, you read it correctly. Jammie Nicholas, is a British artist who expresses himself by creating perfume made from his own poo!Sold at £40 a bottle, he’s sold 25 of the 85 bottles he’s created.  Named simply ‘Surplus.’  It’s tag line;“Made from the Excesses of the Body.”

Jammie says it all happened in his flat, where he worked with all the windows open and using nose plugs. It took him only a week to extract the “essential oils” from the excrements  The molecule used is named Skatol, which can also be found in flowers. In poo however the concentration is much higher than in that of flowers. He then spent time setting up his distillation device and mixing the crazy concoction.

Those who have tried it claim it actually smells pretty good. I think i’ll leave it to them. Its safe to say I wont be adding that to any birthday or christmas lists anytime soon. I mean, the ad is enough to put you off!