MIW are here to help you with those tough decisions on deciding what to wear, keeping you on top and ahead of the latest trends. Whether you’re dressing for a night on the tiles, a date or just to doll yourself up to go shopping!

We will help you find an outfit for every occasion!

Us Girlies predominantly dress to impress other women (sorry boys) its a FACT! When it comes to wardrobe talk there’s no better flattery than from another female.

Of course we like our man to see us as attractive, but in a woman’s world we love nothing more than to admire each other and the ultimate compliment  is when a fellow girly digs your style.

We think this versatile look is a winner for all!

The Peplum Top-













This week we’re loving this peplum top from Topshop (1).

Take your cue from the likes of Stella McCartney, Lanvin and Marc Jacobs this season and accentuate your waist with a peplum top. The nipped-in waist will give the illusion of an hour-glass silhouette and will make sure every outfit has that va va voom factor.
The style formula is simple and the peplum is ridiculously versatile, meaning it can take you from office to evening with ease. For daytime, take your peplum, add some skinny jeans (8), a cosy coat (9), grab a bold printed clutch (2) and top off with a felt fedora (7). This look can see you through to the night too simply by adding a statement necklace (9) and slipping into a pair of heels (5) to up the glamour ante.
If you dare to bare you could also take off the trousers and put on a leather skirt (10) – one small change will make a big difference and you will be wearing what looks like a completely new outfit – We Love!



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