Hello! My name is Joy and I am a Businesswoman and stand up comedian www.joycarter.co.uk or twitter @joycartershow

I will be writing your ‘Finding your inner goddess’ section.

It is important to be fabulous inside to really make your outside sparkle even more.  A new friend nicknamed me ‘Black Brainy Barbie’ and I love it!  Move over past plastic childhood pseudo image…

In my blog I will be interviewing inspirational political women, seriously don’t miss any of my interviews.

As women we need to encourage each other and learn from great ladies

who are maybe a little more advanced in some life issues than we are.

Expect some candid, exceptional life keys and tips about successful living.

Joy Carter - Business woman, Stand up comedian, speaker, writer

Joy Carter – Business woman, Stand up comedian, speaker, writer

My Favourite quote is that of the eternal star Vivien Leigh who gloriously said ‘I say what I think and I don’t pretend, and I am willing to except the consequences of my actions’.

Most Inspirational Woman is the one and only Maya Angelou, a woman who not only suffered much as a child and adult, she overcame her problems to wisely council thousands of women around the world with her gems of inspirational wisdom!

Currently I am doing my childhood dream I’m a stand up comedian so why not come visit my website and catch a show?!

My favourite fashion item has to be gloves. They should never purely be functional remember a gloved hand is a thing of beauty leading to glamour, unless you are an armed robber… then a gloved hand could lead to jail.

Blade Runner is the most creative, eclectic beautiful resplendent film that I have ever seen, every single time I gaze upon it my senses are enlightened.

What makes a women Independent? Her mind. Ladies we can do anything! Don’t let your mind and past prevent you reaching into your own special future.

I am looking forward to getting to know you, write for you and share my precious life gems. On reading my blogs, prepare to find laughter, sparkle and precious things to share and dazzle

Laugh. Love. Live and always Sparkle! Joy x


*Joy is a Businesswoman, entrepreneur, stand up comedian, speaker and writer. For more information go to www.joycarter.co.uk or twitter @joycartershow