To believe it you have to see it!  Imagine a website that sells clothes,shoes and handbags and accessories for 5 pounds, I mean we all admittedly love a bargain but that would be ridiculous! No where like that could ever exist right… Well I was so wrong.

I stumbled across this little peice of shopping heaven reading through a few of my favourite fashion blogs, when some gorgeous valour flats caught my eye…they’re so cool for the spring with a pair of jeans!

I couldn’t believe they were actually from a site called everything 5 pounds! I had to jump straight onto the link to see it! I mean theres not much you can buy with £5.00 maybe a maccy d’s couple of magazines, but shoes I mean isn’t that most girls idea of heaven!

The site admittedly isn’t filled with amazing fashion that will storm the catwalks but what can you expect for 5 pounds, there is however a few gems that pop u and its worth looking through the site for!

Here are the ones I fell in love with and i’m about to order in every colour-

55977 77284 56271


Go and have a look … happy shopping dolls –  shop here

luv VP x