It’s common knowledge that we are living through the biggest economic crash of all time, we are constantly reminded to tighten our belts, get our head down and struggle through the economic storm.  However, if you can shut off the noise that says look after number one, don’t give, hold onto your stuff and bank into the bank of self, there is a wealth to be had that only comes from giving.  I refer to the secret wealth that makes the world go round, that of kindness, loving others and patience a wealth that few of the super monetary rich find.

When you give and ask nothing in return, sow into the lives of others through kind words, help secretly, lift someone’s spirits, make friends with your neighbours, visit the sick, care for the forgotten… Acts of unconditional charity come back to add to your wages of life and will make you rich beyond measure!  People perceive those that have a good heart and manner and trust me, good things come to find you.  Don’t believe what the papers say, you really do reap what you sow.  I know you may be reading this and think really?  ‘I do give and I never get nothing back!’  Well it doesn’t really work like that.  I see it like paying into an invisible bank account with your name on it marked ‘universe’, it will accrue interest and over time interest will start to come your way from nowhere.  So don’t give up like any super saver you have to be patient, diligent and not panic no matter what the markets say. Keep your paying in book to hand and if you seen an opportunity to make a deposit of kindness into someone’s life… go for it!

Financial giving is really only the principle any giving involves having a right heart motive.  It is easy to spot good deeds for self-gain you only have to switch on the TV and you can see many a famous face smiling and holding babies and then running back to the hotel to listen to the opinion poles.  I am not saying every person does it but sometimes watch closely and see their long-term kindness when the cameras are off.  As real givers give cameras on or camera’s off.

Giving when you don’t want to give is a waste of time, ever been out on a date and sat there when the person doesn’t really want to take you out? Every single tasty morsel of food you eat is a chore for they don’t want to be there and after 5 minutes neither do you!

We all love cheerful givers, people who want to do it, enjoy it, can enjoy giving the gift and can receive gifts as well.  Nothing worse than people who give but you try and say thanks can I help you with anything and they bite your head off!

Giving and receiving realistically takes time to get your head around it, but when you get the flow into your life – trust me… You will be truly rich in spirit!  And the great thing about this is it is yours, but be careful not to loose your kind heart or give to people who will take you for all you’ve got.

If you protect your heart then no one can rob your universal bank account and even in our difficult seasons your deeds still stand, and good things will continue to come your way. So why not start simply by saying morning to someone on the train? Take some fruit round to your neighbours and say ‘hi’? Call someone who you know is lonely? Make peace with your parents or a friend you lost touch with?  Just do and keep on doing and see how your heart, life and countenance change.

You will wear your wealth on the smile on your face, the sparkle of diamonds will be in your eyes, you will have a bounce in your step and a fresh joy in your voice when you speak. Go on – GET RICH! You have wealth inside you just waiting to come out to bless others so grab that paying in book and make some lasting deposits into other people’s lives and get onto the real life rich list.