Girls are you with me on this one! Getting ready to go out on a first date is so daunting!

I mean i’d be lying if there wasn’t a time that it hasn’t taken me three hours to get ready, that’s not including fake tan and nails the night before, only to wake up the next morning to find my perfectly manicured nails are chipped and my hands are orange!

I do my make up most days but it seems the more time I actually take time carefully putting it on the worse it looks! And why is it every time I use mascara I can almost guarantee the classic sneeze that comes out of nowhere & hey presto I look up into the mirror to find Marilyn Manson staring back at me!

But the major stress comes in trying to find that perfect outfit that gives the right message without trying to hard or being too sexy but still looking nice!

One thing I have learnt is it’s really important to get the right wardrobe balance on a first date,so not to give the wrong impression that he’s having more than his desert tonight.

Girls you can achieve this sexy classy look easily with our two simple rules!

Never have both clevage and legs on show always choose an outfit that shows one or the other.Sounds really simple but it really works.

It’s really important that you feel comfortable,confident and pretty so you can relax and have a laugh, after all enjoying the date is what’s most important in the long run! So choose clothes that you can relax be yourself in.

Keep it simple, classy and try one stand out accessory, like an oversized cocktail ring.






























Good luck on your date-

Remember be fabulous be your gorgeous bubbly self and always have a few questions prepared to ask him before meeting, it will save any of those really awkward silences that can happen from time to time.

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