It’s vision board month infact because this is the perfect time of year to put out there what you truly desire from life. I was told by a friend a long time ago to envision what I want. The way she suggested to do this was by creating my very own vision board which you can find out how to do from the lovely article from Jan Ennis called Visual board. My friend that originally told me about them puts hers onto her desktop, phone and even her twitter background. Nothing like wholeheartedly sharing what it is that you want with the world. A few days ago I thought ‘right, I’m finally going to do one’ and when I started I remembered another amazing woman in my life who recommended using a feng shui grid and manifesting that way. So what’s the only thing you can do with that kind of information? That’s right, you have to combine both ideas, well that’s how I think, double magic!

So here was my original Feng Shui grid I was working from… You can also set any room up in this way too, not only your vision board.

feng shui grid
And the images below are what I ended up with. Welcome to my head! Busy, colourful, creative, loving, adventurous and beautiful. I made a toned down version too, however I think I almost had to go overboard to bring it back to what I knew each picture represented. It took a few days to do and some slightly obsessive behaviour of ‘what to put on there’ thoughts but I’m pleased with the finished article

It really doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else but you. No one has to see it but you. It is wonderful to get it all out on paper or photoshop. The best thing is that it can be constantly changed as you change, as you realise more of the things you want out of life. The ideas and dreams you have can constantly get bigger and more refined. It’s a great exercise to see what you put on there because you think you should put on there. You’ll see no wedding or babies on mine. My mind says partner and babies should feature on there as that what a successful life looks like, however my heart says FREEDOM and discovery whether that’s whilst in a relationship or not so it didn’t go on there. See what your heart says and have some fun with it.

This is forever editable and you know what you’ll probably end up with something WAY better than you put on there anyways and you don’t even have to wait for all of the things to happen to be happy either. You make this thing, look at it all the time and your unconscious mind will help guide you toward it as that is its job to create the world around you as you want it. It’s always easier to make a decision on which road to take if you know which town you’re heading to. I’m off to Awesomeville, you wanna come? Share your vision boards with us if you like @MIWmagazine.

Vitality vision Board2

Here’s what I have on my desktop the less busy version… Create yours however you want it.

Vitality vision Board basic