idoMid-April I decided to set myself a challenge. One that seemed impossible from where I’m starting. That’s right I set myself the target to do a one handed handstand.

This may seem a foolish aim, however, when I looked at Ido Portal doing his handstand and watched videos of all that his body could do I got a little jealous. Now I don’t know about you but jealousy doesn’t really work for me. It just makes me feel a little rubbish and mean at the same time which is a crap combo so I thought ‘time to do something about it!’ and I started the vitality project.

Not only am I aiming to do that handstand but I’m also helping nourish my body with dance classes, different body workshops, superfoods and recipes that enliven every last bit of my world. Bringing more life to my life really and who wouldn’t want that?

Everyone I’ve been sharing this with wants in, wants to start their own project or join me in mine so I say do it! Set yourself something. Give yourself a year to do it, craft it etc. Life can get busy and in all adventures there is adversity and distraction. Only you get to decide if you go amazingly off course, stop or you keep going. It’s all about choice. If you want to see how I’m getting on pop over to the blog, look out on MIW for my updates and interviews I’m doing with people from all different walks of life to find out how to live a more Vitalised life. Also let us know about it on twitter by hashtagging #VitalityProject and me and the team at MIW too @thelovemonk @MIWmagazine. To set your intention for it you might want to do a vision board, go check out a recent article I wrote so you know exactly how to do it by clicking here.

Really looking forward to the rest of the adventure, it’s been pretty awesome so far. Don’t forget to let me know how you’re getting on if you start your own it’s never too late.

Vitality def