Hi ladies!

I am so excited to be part of the Miss Independent Team. Exciting times ahead, but first here’s a little information about me. Hairdressing was my first job, I started it at the young age of 15 and now I have being doing it for over 17 years…..Wow! I am longer in the job than out of it (time fly’ss when your having FUN). During this time I have had so many opportunities from working back stage at LFW to working along side some of the greatest names in my industry, but one of my proudest moments in my career had to be when I represented Ireland in the European Hairdressing Championships in Paris and won the silver medal twice in 2002 & 2004, then my biggest achievement was when I opened my first salon in 2010, but one thing that hasn’t changed in 17 years is the wanting to make every woman that I come into contact with look and feel amazing inside and out.

It wasn’t long after opening my salon, the thoughts of a family was coming into my mind, but the biggest question in every career focused girls mind is “Can we have it all, Relationships, Career, Family?”. My answer is YES WE CAN! So on the 27th June 2012 I had my first child and when I was told it was a boy, the first thing I thought was ‘What am I going to do with him?’, this was coming from the girl that no matter whether it is in work, home or friends I have always been surrounded by women, but wow am I in love. He is just amazing and I’m loving juggling motherhood and being an independent business women.

But what is the old saying?…

Behind every great man there is a women……

Behind this great women there is man, my wonderful partner Andy is the reason that I left Dublin and moved to London 8 years ago and I have never looked back. He is also my right hand man when it comes to the business, he supports me so much in every way and is always the first person to give me the encouragement I need to help me achieve my dreams in my dreams.


So, in true Miss Independent Woman style here are some facts about me that you may not know….

Name – Sinead Kelly.

Nickname – Pocket Rocket.

Porn Star Name – Fifi Fatima.

If I was I character on Friends I’d be – I would be Monica (because I am a bit of a control freak) 

Favourite Quote – “Women should empower each other instead of being so hateful and envious of one another!”

Most Inspirational Woman – Beyonce. I absolutely love what she stands for! Women inspiring Women…

Best Advice given to you – Don’t work for someone else in order for them to fulfil their dreams, work for yourself to fulfil your own.

Childhood Dream Job –  Actress (Don’t laugh!).

Favourite Fashion Item –  My Christian Louboutons.

Favourite handbag- After my first year in business I bought myself my Chanel….ooooh I love it so much!

Favourite film – The Notebook, I am such a romantic at heart. I cry every time I watch it.

First crush –  Robbie Williams.

Do you have pets- A Yorkshire Terrier, Alfie & he live’s up to his name. The girls love him and is also a man magnet.

What makes a women Independent? – To me this is a women who has the ability to think for herself, the strength to stand by what she believes in and the confidence to make her dreams happen.