Dear Dr Pam,
I’ve managed to get a reputation as a bit of a slut. It’s ruining my social life as I come from a fairly small town and this rumour has gone around about me. Yes I’ve slept with a few men but really no more than a lot of women around here. I’ve always been safe and used condoms. I really think it’s my business. However an ex-boyfriend was upset when I dumped him and spread a rumour about me constantly sleeping around. How can I live this down? Bella, 26












Hi Bella, this makes me terribly angry that it’s always women who get reputations. What about all the men you’ve supposedly been sleeping with? I suppose there’s no rumours going around about them. No matter what the ‘PC police’ want to say a double standard still exists. Women will get reputations when men won’t. The least said the soonest mended in terms of this sort of rumour. Hold your head high and go about your daily life. The more you try and fight it and keep telling people it’s not true the more desperate you look. Believe me when the next rumour or “scandal” happens people will forget this. It’s just a shame you have to feel this way now.

Keep your chin up, Pam x

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