I hate to say it but I am so so excited for the UK (and Kate and William of course) on the impending arrival of the Royal Baby. Not only will it be incredibly wonderful for the new parents but I really hope it re ignites our country into that lovely patriotic feeling we had last year! Who didn’t love the Jubilee weekend and London Olympics?! Mmmmmm so I may be a little selfish here with my new found love for all things Queen and Country when poor old Kate is in the early stages of labour.

So much press coverage on when the due date was, if Kate was using any of the old wives tale tricks to kick start labour and name guessing the new arrival. With this recent heatwave, I can only assume (being the huge pregnant elephant that I was) that she was ready to get this baby out. For the sake of swollen ankles, lack of sleep and backache (not fun in this hear!)


Did you try and old wives tales to kick start labour? I never got the chance due to an early induction but I would have tried anything I think….many friends who went overdue tried lots of ways and as this is so current in the media, lets have a look at some:

HOT CURRY – I read somewhere that this stimulates your ummmmm bowel movements so can kick start labour. Personally, I cannot think of anything worse. I do remember when in the early stages of labour, you kind of have a ‘natural clear out’ so perhaps this helps bring labour on? I can safely say that I would stay away from this. Being sick quite a bit in labour would be worse after a chicken balti! Could also cause even worse heartburn too?


RASPBERRY LEAF/TEA – in tablet of tea form, said to stimulate labour?

CASTOR OIL – one my mum used back in the 80’s…..taste vile but again asks as a laxative so thought to stimulate bowel movements and eventually the uterus

PINEAPPLE – naturally found enzymes thought to stimulate labour…I would definitely try this one. Cannot get enough of juicy cold pineapple!

SEX – with semen supposedly containing key ingredients to help soften the cervix (ready for fertilization) – this sounds the most natural way. Now, combine this with feeling a little unsexy (note elephant reference above); plus the fact you may not be able to comfortably get into position, this option COULD be tricky. If it isn’t – i’d say go for it! Anyone do this?? (NOTE if you are bleeding or your waters have gone you are advised NOT to have sex)


WALKING – a long walk can help bring on contraction and ease labour – stay as mobile as you can. I didn’t at all (I was stuck to my bed) and feedback from friends and family was definitely to try get moving. Really helps progress. Just don’t walk too much – you need as much energy as you can for the birth itself!

ACUPUNCTURE – I do actually like the sound of this ( I will try anything holistic). Works by stimulating natural energy in your body by inserting fine needles into these pressure points.


BOUNCING – either in a bumpy car or on your birthing ball. This is a tried and tested method with many of my friends and seems to have worked. Now trying to get them off the ball once contractions started was a another story!

Birth Ball 04

PATIENCE – ok ok so you can’t do anything about this but that baby will come when it’s ready. It is very frustrating when you pass your due date but unless medically there is a reason for little one to come out – just sit back and enjoy the calm before the storm (unless you have more than 1 child!). I never took advantage of that time before Fin arrived. I wish I had done more – read a book, sewing, started knitting – ANYTHING!

(don’t forget to check with your midwife on all the above before you do them!)

Let me know what worked for YOU new mums and soon to be mums – do you think you will try any of these?

Love L x