So Miss Independent Women, with the buzz of the royal baby I have had a lot of requests on Twitter and Facebook on how to create Kate Middleton’s blowdry at home. A lot of us were eager to hear if she was going to have a prince or a princess (Congratulations Kate and Will on the birth of your son Prince George of Cambridge) but another question that was on our mind is how will she have her hair whilst leaving hospital and she did not disappoint us, she looked radiant and very glamorous.




This brought back a lot of memeories for me when I had Tyler a year ago. I remember joking to my clients that I was going to go into labour with my hair pin curled and once I had the baby I would whip them out and be laying in the hospital bed with Brigitte Bardot cascade waves. The reality was that I was left with shaggy, messy, couldn’t care less hair.

So what do we think Kate will be doing with hers in the first few weeks post labour? Will she have her hairdresser flown in to give her the statement Chelsea blow dry that we have all become accustomed to seeing or will she opt for a messy updo as I did!

Either way, I thought it was a great opportunity to recap over the hairstyles that we have seen on Kate in the last couple of years! The first one I am going to give you my tips and advice on is the fabulously bouncy blowdry that has seen her go top in the polls for most requested hairstyle of the year.



Step 1

Preparation is the key, start off by using the right shampoo for your hair type. For volume use a volumizing shampoo such as TIGI BED HEAD HAIR CARE STYLESHOTS , if you have oily hair use L’OREAL PROFESSIONAL PURE RESOURCE SHAMPOO, this is great for rebalancing oiling hair and scalps and if your hair is lacking moisture, dry or frizzy use a shampoo such as AUSSIE MIRACLE MOIST SHAMPOO and of course finish off with a moisturising conditioner to soften your hair. With styling products I always say less is more, too much product will weigh your hair down. I would suggest using mousse on the root area by combing it on, this helps distribute the product evenly, if you have frizzy coarse hair I would opt for a serum. And always use a heat protector, this is a golden rule.

Step 2

Now that you have prepared your hair with the right products, it is now time to dry your hair off to at least 80% dry before you even pick up your tools. Look at any hairdresser out there when they are giving you a salon blowdry, they always take most of the heavy wet out before starting. There are various reasons for this, one of the best reasons definalty would be, you save so much time whilst doing the blow dry. When i am rough drying I always use my fingers and allow them to act like your brush by lifting the roots and directing your hairdryer to create natural body and movement.

Step 3

This is all about technique. Seperate your hair into sections so you have control over your hair and are able to manage your blowdry. I would recommend separating it into 4 sections, then each section will then be cut into horizontal 1 inch sub-sections starting from the bottom and moving up.

Step 4

The tools are an important part in creating that smooth finsh. For your hairdryer I would recommend that you use a nozzle that is quite slim so the airflow goes directly down the hair shaft. For your brushes I would choose a round brush which has quite stiff bristles as this will help provide the right tension and grip you need on to the hair, the softer the bristles the less tension you will get.

So, pull the brush through the hair as you blow dry, always pointing the nozzle downwards onto the hair. The nozzle is very important because it directs the hair to hit he whole brush and not just the centre of the brush. Start at the root and work down the mid shaft whilst twirlling and moving the brush in circular motion. Once dry, move from the mid shaft to the ends. To create a bit of wave on the ends like Kate I would suggest leaving your brush in the sections of hair to set, imagine your brush is like a heated rollor, once its cooled, you can then remove and you will find that this has created a nice soft wave on the ends for movement.

My tip would be to see how many times you have to move your dryer up and down each section to dry it fully and repeat this amount of times on each section to prevent over drying!

Step 5

Once the hair is fully dried, I would run my hands through the hair with a light serum or gloss as this will get rid of any frizz or fly away bits. Then I would tilt my hair over and spray some medium hold hair spray through the ends for hold and a little bit of extra volume!

Your fabulous look is complete! Sit back and enjoy the admiring glances!

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I look forward to hearing from you MIW and hope you enjoyed my post! Love ya’s xxxx