Hi Ladies

With KMiddy being one of the most talked about females at the moment i thought i would do another post on how she make’s (well how her hairdresser) makes her look so FABULOUS!

One of my favourite styles I have been seeing on Kate has to be the ‘Chic Chignon’. We’ve seen Kate wear this look at the Royal Gala and with a softer version at her friends wedding. But this is one of the most popular looks for brides to either have professionally done or learn how to do it for their wedding day.

Miss Independent Women, did you know that the word “Chignon” comes from the French phrase “chignon de cou” which means nape of the neck! I am 17 years doing my job and i myself only found that out from one of my French clients last week! Just a little bit of geeky information, that made me think and gives this look a little bit more meaning!

This style is generally achieved by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of your neck, but there are many variations of this style. Below I have broken down step by step how to create my version on how to do this.

The basic principle of this look is all about twisting and rolling the hair in on itself, then tucking the ends away.

Step 1

Pull all your hair back into a sleek low ponytail and secure with a bobbin/elastic, making sure that your hair has no lumps and bumps and is sleek and secure. Kate always seems to wear her hair back when it is up, but i personally love to have a little bit of hair around my face to keep it soft. So if you are like me then before you put your ponytail in, I would leave whatever amounts of hair at the front. By rolling the front sections into a loose pin curls, this will create natural movement for when the look is complete.

Step 2

Using the tips of your fingers I would then gently pull the bobbin about 2 inches down, creating a split in the middle of the pony.

Step 3

Grabbing the ends of the ponytail, you want to loop it into the divide that you have just done at the top of the ponytail and pull through and hold tight.

Step 4

Take small sections and back comb all of the hair in the ponytail staring from the roots and workibg your way down. This is goiing to create your foundations and volume for the chignon.

Step 5

Take a soft bristle paddle brush and gently smoothing all the ponytail into your hand and flip it up around towards your head to create a roll. Then using your kirby clips, secure the roll in place and using your hands mould the chignon in the look you want.

Step 6

When you are happy with the shape and can feel its secured, I would then take out the pin curls at the front, set them in place around your face and finish off with spray.

As I said, this look comes in various different ways so don’t be afraid to practice and find the best way that suits you and your hair!


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