So we introduced, Celebrity Hair-Stylist & Make-Up Artist and all round Glam Squad Guru Mr Kevin Fortune a few weeks ago on MIW. We hope you loved the interview as much as we did!  We are so delighted to have Kevin on board, sharing his expert & industry Make Up and Hair tips with all the amazing MIW fans.


So not content with being the go to hair and make up stylist to the stars such as Kim Cattrall, Lisa Snowden, Jameela Jamil, Kelly Osborne….to name a few! Kevin has been helping me out with some ‘Mummy Make Up tips!!




So Kevin…us mums need some PROFESSIONAL make up help! With a newborn, toddler, 2, 3 + kids etc spending time on our face and body is a rare luxury. If you were to offer some key tips to a new mum struggling with time on her hands on HOW to get her a great make up routine what would your recommend?

KF: I am sure a lot of mothers to young children spend most of their busy day chasing after their children and then touching their own face, so I do understand there is no time for yourself with the baby in your arms – so a good exfoliating gentle facial wash is a good start to the day and at night!

mom-quick-makeup-LThere are also many new BB creams on the market, with a hydrating light coverage SPF foundation. I recommend you find one that works for your skin tone. Adding an SPF routine also ensures that you are protecting your skin long-terms, especially when many hours are spent in the outdoors with your children.


Lynsey – great tip from Kevin here! I adore Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for removing dull skin cells. You can also look into her brightening treatments and eye bright lotions! Also available on QVC (THE place for top buys at the moment!). They also have a new make up range available







To navigate your way around the best BB AND now CC creams – top tips here from Glamour Magazine Beauty Editor Rebecca Fox and Look Magazine here 

Do you have any tips on a great and inexpensive beauty products we can buy and how to use them?

KF: One of my kit-essentials, which is inexpensive, yet a fantastic product – is SIMPLE’s Eye Make-Up Remover fluid. I actually often use it all over the face as it is really gentle. Important Tip: Dampen the cotton-pad and press very gently over the eye-are for a few moments to break-down mascara, concealer etc. before gently sweeping away any products left on the skin. Always remember that the skin around the eyes is the most delicate area on your entire face.

After I had my son, I lost a lot of my hair (this is a common occurrence we know) and was left with quite a few wispy strands around my hairline. Generally speaking – the life was sucked out my lovely pregnancy locks and I ended up having it all cut off (as below)
















Looking back now, trying to tame and style a bob with a newborn baby may have not been the best idea! But what tips would you give on hairstyles and upkeep?

KF: Unfortunately during this period hair and the scalp is going through a huge transformation, so try to use a gentle, sulphate- free hydrating shampoo and conditioner, also a good product specifically for the scalp. There isn’t too much you can do about the shedding of your hair, its going to happen, but you can rough- dry your hair with volumizing mousse and then try lots of disheveled hair Up Do’s – just arm yourselves with a small bag of kerbie grips.

Like these looks!

braidedhair images 28217935135104341_fvhhv9w2_c3


























Lynsey – What a great tip here. As I have mentioned, Liz Earle offers botantical skin rescue and now also for hair! Sulphate free too and kind to animals here. Aveeno, Burts Bee’s also offer a non chemical alternative for new mums and Aveda’s Invati System can help promote thicker fuller hair through a range of new products.



Ok, so we have our daily routine for make up and great ideas for our hair – on the rare occasion we can go out on a date night or with our friends, what is the fail safe make up option to create a great look and is relatively easy?

KF: A good compact powder to even out your skin tone will always freshen you up – Ideally use a sponge. Find a good contouring bronzer to balance and define your features. To finish your look, add lashings of mascara –  Now we are talking no more than four minutes and Boom – your out the door.

Lynsey – you can’t beat a bit of bronzer to help add some glow! I adore adding a little peach on the apple of cheeks as well (blushser-holic here)!  My favourites vary but I would recommend you spend some time in your local Make Up counter experimenting! Too FacedBenefit and Smashbox have some excellent choices. If you need some expert advice, take a trip to a local high end beauty store such as Space NK for exclusive make up brands. Currently I adore Laura Mercier Full Blown Mascara, Benefit Badgal lash and ‘they’re real’ Mascaras. I love a full lash! 

Do we still need to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise?  I struggle to do this I must admit but am conscious how different my skin in on my face after having my son….is it important?

KF: I think, if you have not used any make-up for the day then a facial wash is more than enough, yet applying a moisturizer with SPF afterwards should be an essential part to your skin-care routine.

Kids Wearing Make-up

Finally, have you looked after any celebrity mums? If so, did they share any tips with you?

 KF: “Only dental floss the teeth you want to keep”.

I laughed for days

Kevin xxx

Thanks Again Kevin! Not only has not only been SUPER busy writing for us, assisting some amazing celebrities and models but Kevin has found time to launch his HAIR STYLING ACADEMY, with his partner, Martin Wall. It is a Central-London training-school, dedicated exclusively to the Art of Hair-Styling. For more information click here!





Love L x