My name is Amy May and I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the fabulous Miss Independent Woman team, what a super splendid bunch they are!

When I’m not writing for this marvellous online slumber party I can be found working on some of the most popular daytime television shows – Daybreak, Lorraine and This Morning. I create all kinds of online features, behind the scenes exclusives, reveal the latest fashion must haves, plus more! You’ll also find me mingling with all kinds of celebrities, from Russell Brand to David Attenborough, or breaking hard news stories – There really is never a dull moment. Believe it or not, you can even catch sight of me on screen in the This Morning Hub so keep a look out (I will do my best to wave)!

I’ve only been out of University for a few years but my journalistic career has already taken quite a few twists and turns. Whilst working as a co-presenter at BBC Radio Kent I completed my Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism, before moving to Channel Five news and then onto the wonderful world of ITV.

But, behind all of this, in any spare time that I have I can be found doing more presenting work, helping with animal rescue shelters both in the UK and in Spain, plus, a favourite of mine – Carrying out investigative exposes. I recently won a National Award for a radio documentary uncovering the truth behind greyhound racing. Do you have a story that you want me to investigate? Just let Miss Independent Woman know!

You can also follow me on Twitter @AmyShead

The answers to the questions that you ALL want to know…

Amy May Shead.

The Pirate.

Porn Star Name:
Goldy Jones.

If I was I character on Friends I’d be: 
Little confession, I have never watched friends !

Favourite Quote: 
Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be – Become one yourself!

Most Inspirational Woman: 
My mum x

Best Advice given to you:
Never give up, keep trying until you succeed.

Childhood Dream Job: 
To become a Vet or a Pilot.

Favourite Fashion Item: 
My huge collection of gorgeous black and/or gold  clothes!

Favourite handbag: 

Favourite film:
Life of Pi – I want to be Richard Parker.

First crush: 
Leonardo Di Caprio.

Do you have pets: 
I have a zoo! (Well, kind of). A very fluffy German Shepherd named Ella May, my little rescue dog Sophie, two tortoises named Freda and Sam. Freda is nearly 100 years old! Oh, and I have a friendly parrot called Casper.