Hey ladies! Continuing with the theme of finding things around the kitchen to make yourself feel better, this week, i put cling film to the test! Who needs those expensive body wraps when you have cling film right? The idea is simple. Wrap yourself from head to foot in cling film, go to sleep in it and wake up feeling like a slinky supermodel. Easy right? Well…In theory maybe. Please ignore the gross granny underwear in the video. Its not supposed to be sexy 😛 I did not sleep well and to put it nicely it made me a sweaty mess. I woke up super thirsty too, naturally as all you are doing is getting rid of your body’s toxins and extra water weight. Not to mention, putting the cling film on was pretty tricky! I’d advise a helping hand if its something you want to try! Be prepared to loose your dignity though! 😛 It does work, and for the sake of one nights bad sleep I guess it does what it says. All in all, ll over my body I lost 2.5 inches simply by sleeping. After breakfast though…I was back to my normal measurements. Have a little watch and a giggle 🙂 Lots of love, Soph x