Gorgeous Girlies!!

Firstly…. Welcome to MIW!

My name is Victoria Picton (VP for short) and its my honour to be the Editor in Chief & Founder of Miss Independent Woman.com / (MIW).

Thank you so much for joining us Online, I sincerely hope you’re enjoying your MIW experience or our little Slumber Party as we like to think of it!


WE ARE LIVE!! however, we are still growing & learning so you may find mistakes! please bare with us as in order for MIW to become everything we hope it to be, we will need time and more importantly YOU!

Your help, love & feedback is really important to us so please feel free to email with any relevant suggestions or comments! vp@missindependentwoman.com. Naturally If you love MIW please share it!! TELL ALL YOUR sistERS & your sisTA’S sisters about it !! Lets build the #femalefightclub LOL! x


I’m an obsessive, imperfect beauty, fashion, chocolate puppy lover, that’s chocolate comma puppy, not chocolate puppy, although if I saw one I would definitely eat it (then get depressed!!) – I have a crazy tendency to go off on a tangent (as the chocolate puppy would prove!) and sometimes I ask too many questions to get answers I probably already knew! I’m blonde and proud, way too trusting & honestly a little too reliant on others, somewhere along the line I think I lost a little  Independence, but guess what!!???……(Cue Rocky theme tune)……I just got it back!

I’m a positive girly girl that truly believes all of us deserve to feel AMAZING about ourselves all of the time! Yet some of the time I realise we probably don’t. Whether it be the small things like not knowing what to wear, or the bigger things like having the confidence to wear it, sista’s I feel the pain!

Every one of us needs their ‘girls’, whether it be your mum, aunty, sister or your best friend, spending time with ‘the girls’ is like therapy! A wealth of honest opinions or guidance, so when you don’t know what to wear or having a shit low confidence day, they’re there to cheer you up and give you that ‘hakuna matata spirit’! (yea I just quoted timon and pumbaa!). Miss Independent Woman was really formed to be all of those things and more!

  • A place to get all the latest info on Fashion, Beauty, Health, Wealth, Fitness, Music,  Love, life or Sex  24hrs a day!
  • Somewhere girls & women from across the Planet can group to find answers/suggestions to every possible question ANY GIRL COULD EVER ASK in the World …EVER!!!
  • Somewhere that spreads female positivity
  • Somewhere to  meet some  crazy, like minded, fun Biatchess!
  • Somewhere to read Inspiring stories of Incredible acts of bravery, strength, ambition or success against odds to motivate or Inspire your own drive toward success.

As I started to mention the idea, name and my goal to friends and family, I couldn’t help but feel this incredible surge of energy leading toward how insanely empowering this site could be! and not just for others but for my own Independence too! To freely create a platform in order to do what I love to do, learn everything I should every need to learn along my road to womanhood and make some wicked mates! well MIW seemed like a no brainer!!


The Involvement of other like minded girls was just insane! the idea and principle of MIW seemed to attract empowering females from all over, each with their own specific area of knowledge/expertise willing to really want to share there gifts with others. What started with just meall of a sudden felt a lot bigger, It felt like the positive ‘GIRLY-TUDE’ or ‘GIRL-POWER’ was so infectious that the vision for the site just kept on growing!!

Now our team is made up of everyday, down to earth Girlies from across the Planet. Recognised and hand picked to be part of the MIW team for being successfully passionate about their own specific fields, they are here to be positively straight, honest, inspiring and of corse, to help inform and motivate you about what they think is HOT, HELPFUL & some cases damn HEROIC!. They too will be blogging about their own mistakes, worries, concerns in area’s there not strong in hope to find a relatable friend in you! so please make sure you go get to know each and every one of them!! GET TO KNOW OUR GIRLS.

…. MissIndependentWoman.com was born.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the Site!!

You can follow me on Twitter @victoriapicton

The answers to the questions that you ALL want to know…

Name – Victoria Picton

 Nickname – VP

Porn Star Name – Squeak Anderson

If I was I character on Friends I’d be – I’m more of a sex and the city kinda girl! Monica Verses Carrie Bradshaw …I’d be Carrie!

Favourite Quote – “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams – Oprah Winfrey

Most Inspirational Woman – My mum – she was the most giving and strong positive women. However she didn’t suffer fools gladly!

Best Advice given to you – If you want a secret to be kept a secret don’t tell A SOUL..That was one of mums diamonds !!!! And the best advice I can give is always believe in yourself and don’t let anyone put you down. That and follow your instincts!

Childhood Dream Job –  I wanted to be a nurse or a Tv presenter!

Favourite Fashion Item – Ooh it would have to be a choice out of a pair of boots – my topshop leopard print ankle boots or my brown Louboutin boots!

Favourite handbag- It’s my one and only designer handbag Louis Vuitton – classic!

Favourite film – It’s a classic – Pretty Woman!

First crush –  I fancied the karate kid!!! I’ve never told anyone that before ha lol !

Do you have pets- I have a maltese terrier Calvin, he’s very clever he claps his paws and does handstands when he wee’s .. he’s my fluffy son!

What makes a women Independent – Someone who knows her own mind and can confidently speak it. It’s important to not rely anyone else to do things for you, but not to be afraid to ask for help when you need it. And most importantly someone who stands up for what they believe in!