This had to be my biggest challenge when it came to my image post baby. To be honest I could deal with the bit of hair loss. After all, I can get a bouncy blow-dry to disguise it. I could just about deal with the stretch marks that my beautiful boy gave me as a gift, because I am not exactly going to be wearing a crop top showing off my midriff. But the extremely flabby belly was painful, not forgetting how enormous my thighs went and my ankles (kankles as I would call them).


Having gone through an emergency C section I couldn’t do anything for the first 6 weeks at least, and to be honest for the first weeks I was in a total daze from lack of sleep and exhaustion. So after my 6 week check up with my GP I was then told that I could gently get into light exercise. So after 6 weeks of not being able to face my bodies reflection I booked myself into a specialist gym that is fortunately 5 minutes from where I live. I found this gym was different to others, it was small, personable and it was only a 20 min workout a day. Bonus! I thought no cardio, only 20 mins max, perfect. This would fit in with my busy life and was practically right next door. We would all agree one of the main reasons for not going to the gym is convenience.


I started my first one to one session on the 10th of September and I have never looked back. I go 5 times a week, I have followed all their nutritional advice, for the first month I gave up booze completely (I know!…. that was the hardest) and followed a combination of their High Fat, High Protien diet and their Fat burning low fat diet. I have to admit there was many a sleepless night that I endured and all I wanted to do was to rip open a massive bag of crisps with a crusty baguette (my favourite comfort food) but I resisted through total determination.


The results were amazing, look at my chart below! I would definitely say that not only did the weight loss make me feel good physically but also mentally. I was finding that going there was giving me so much energy which has definitely helped with all the running around and juggling I do between both my business and home life.


Date                              10 Sep 2012           14 Jan 2013           10 May 2013

Weight                           160.2lbs                   135.4lbs                   124.2lbs

Waist                              32.75″                        29.25″                       26.5″

Tummy                           38.5″                          32.5″                          29″

Lower tummy             39″                              33″                              31″

Hips                                 45″                              41″                              39″

Thigh R                           26.5″                          25″                              23″

Thigh L                           26.25″                        24.5″                           23″

Body fat %                     36.20%                      34.10%                      30%


To date, I am still a member of EducoGym, Barnes, see the link below and I would totally recommend them for either post baby weight loss or just a general desire to get fit. Be prepared to adhere to the old mantra ‘no pain, no gain’. or call them on 02088787770 and ask for Catherine, i am sure she or one the team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Below is my before picture which was taking 10th September 2012, the following one was taking 14th January 2013 and the most recent one was taking 10th May 2013. As you can imagine publishing the first image is obviously a little bit cringing but if I can  inspire at least one women from this post then it was all worth it ladies x


Sinead before









Sinead after 4 months













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I look forward to hearing from you MIW and hope you enjoyed my post!