Hi Ladies

So I have being tweeting and posting on Facebook for the last couple of weeks asking what you fabulous women would like my next post to be about and the most popular response was asking  How to achieve natural waves like Moi! This is  probably one of the most asked questions I get asked on a regular basis from clients and friends.

Natural waves can be achieved by “pin curling” your hair. Some times if I have a busy week (which is most weeks) I would prepare my hair the night before and sleep with a hairnet! Yes ladies you did hear me right….. a hairnet. When I first tell people this they think I am bonkers or having a laugh. But believe me, your other half may be laughing going to bed when he first see’s this unflattering hairnet, but when he see’s his missus the next morning with glossy, wavy sexy hair, he won’t be complaining!!!


Here is my top tips on

“How to achieve natural waves”

 Wash your hair with a volume shampoo and conditioner to help create natural root lift.

I would run a smoothing cream through the ends to help seal and lock in the shine.

 I would then use a full volume mousse to help prepare the hair for the curls. With mousse I would always recommend combing the mousse through your hair, this helps distribute the product evenly and prevents the mousse from feeling sticky!

Blast dry your hair to 85 per cent dry and begin to pin curl your hair.

“How to Pin Curl your hair”

Wrap two inch sections of hair around your finger to form a curl, remove your finger and pin the curl to your head using hair grips to secure. Begin at the front of the head working your way backwards

Once all the hair is pinned securely, blast your hair for a couple of minutes with the hairdryer, preferably with the diffuser attachment. Leave to set for approximately one hour, or for a tighter result sleep in them with a hairnet over them.

Remove all grips and shake the hair out from the roots, as this will loosen the waves without softening them too much.

Finishing the style properly will prolong the curls. I would suggest creating a bit of volume before setting the look.

Back comb your hair around the crown for some height, and then fix with hairspray

And below is the finished look, i hope you like it!

Day 4

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I look forward to hearing from you MIW and hop eyou enjoyed my post!


Love ya’s xxxx