To encourage us all to do one thing to be a little kinder to yourself this week, Spabreaks cleverly launched the new hashtag #bekindtoyou. Now, this needs to be done EACH WEEK not just here and there but a consistentWomensWellnessWeek1-353x210 effort! We see in the media and news how challenging it is to be a women these days. I can honestly say that I beat myself up over so many things such as what I eat/crave/drink, if i am looking thin enough, are my clothes fashionable enough, do I have enough money saved, am I a good mum… I a good person? ARGH!!!

SO with this thought, we have to start looking after ourselves and love ourselves again. We come in all shapes, sizes and forms with different lifestyles, pressures and demands. With this in mind, lets start looking after ourselves BETTER.

Get involved, join the conversation and put yourself 1st this weekend. Grab some girly time with your friends, take a walk in the woods with your favourite album to listen to, have a long bath, bake a cake, cuddle your cat – see your old friends…  just be good to yourself.  #bekindtoyou!








For more information visit Women’s Wellness Week where you can find links to:

LookGoodFeelBetterLook Good Feel Better – the superb charity that offers free skin and make up care tips to Cancer Support Centers across the UK

Spabreaks – what better way than to treat yourself and a loved one?! AND this crazy team have walked 100 miles this week to raise money and awareness for Look Good Feel Better. They have also given away lots of prizes (there may be some more today so get involved!) and want to hear YOUR stories and interactions on how you will treat yourself this weekend!








Also visit the Hot Tub blog – with posts from different authors ranging from New Mums, to the truth on really  ‘having it all’, a touching  blog about surviving cancer and celebrity interviews to name a handful of interesting articles.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and #bekindtoyou

I think I will have a long walk in the park with my boys and indluge in a nice thick hot chocolate!!

L x