So after my previous post I had a lot of you on twitter and Facebook asking me to do a post on my favourite quick fix hairstyles. I truly believe that just because you have had a little one and life has become one massive roller coaster it doesn’t mean that you should let yourself go or give yourself little or no time for looking like a Hot Mama!!


I remember one of my first outings to meet some girlfriends with the little man in tow, all I wanted was that 15 mins of quietness whilst I got myself together, but did that happen? Definitely not! Most days he had a little nap around 9am (Gina Ford Baby!) on the dot but sods law this day he didn’t, it’s like they can tell that you want some grooming time….. little rascals!


I remember going back and fourth to his cot, so I decided to use three rules, check to see if his nappy was dirty, was he hungry or full of wind. If he wasn’t any of the above, instead of giving into the crying, I am ashamed (well I’m not really) to say that I let him have a little rant to himself and can I say this was the best thing I have ever done. That morning was the start of a beautiful relationship between mother and son, and the realisation that mummy needs to look good. After a little bit of crying he soon settled himself and ever since that day the morning duty of getting ready has just got better and better. I now have him sit beside me playing with my make up box whilst I put my face on and do my hair…. Hmmmm…… I am beginning to wonder if I have a make-up artist or hairdresser in the making.


With my make up at the moment I am mixing my usual foundation with my moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser whilst still giving coverage to cover those dark circles that I have acquired in the last 12 months. I always have a bit of coral or red lip gloss and a bit of mascara, finishing off with a bit of blush and bronzer for my ‘at home face’, which helps lift and brighten my face without taking too much time.


Then for my hair I pretty much start the beginning of the week with drying my hair in the evening straight and then pro long this look for a few days by playing with the following two hairstyles. It updates my look everyday and makes me feel good, after all ladies, a happy mother equals a happy baby:)…..and happy partner!


Easy Braids


What I love about braids is that they can take all of your hair off your face on a hot or generally busy day or it can update your hair if you have let it dry naturally or giving it a quick whizz with the blowdryer. Braids make a major come back every year and it has been no different this summer and will also be staying around through the Autumn. Achieving a braid is simple if you have the right products and tricks. Below is my step by step basic guide, it seems a lot but once you get practice it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

First prep your hair with a volumizing product to ensure it has enough grip

You can either do a classic French braid or maybe a headband braid across the front of your hair, so start with taking your desired section/area you want the braid in.

Depending on how tight you want it, determine how thick the first section is, I would start with my first section being an inch wide for a medium size braid. Also the higher you start the braid the tighter it will be. Below is the basic way to create a french braid which can be adapted and incorporated into any style or look.

Step 1

Separate this section into 3 strands. Be sure that the strands are completely separated right to the ends to ensure they don’t get entangled as you work.

Step 2


Cross the right held strand over the middle strand, whilst holding the left strand with your left pinkie while moving the right strand from your right hand to your left.  Shift the new right strand (that used to be the middle) from your left hand to your right. And repeat this starting with your left hand!

Step 3

Continuing adding new strands from right to left in to the middle strand whilst making sure you are keeping your tension and continue down the head and when you get to the end using a clear elastic band and secure. If you want to give your braid a more editorial look, using your fingers – don’t be afraid to loosing the braid, leaving all random strand becoming undone this just adds to the effect.

If you wanted to do a dutch braid all you do is follow the above but instead of placing the strands over into the next section you place them under.

In another post i will do a video tutorial of myself doing a Braid in various different ways.


 The High Bun



Again this is a perfect day 1,2 or 3 look in between washing your hair. This look is worn either ballerina style or a tousled, messy style. High Buns require very little time and they are easy to achieve with your natural hair, braids and extensions, which make this a perfect summer look or school run look. Try my tips below on how to create this look at home:

Step 1

First, smooth your hair and gather it on top of your head. Because I have so much hair I always find it easier to tilt my head forward and let my hair fall forward.

Step 2

Use some elastic bands to secure your hair into a high ponytail, you can either place your ponytail around the crown area or quite high on top of your head to create a more edgy look

Step 3

Twist the ponytail into a knot if you have thicker hair, or if you have finer hair you can use a doughnut sponge like the one below from Primark and wrap the hair around that and use clips to secure the knot on the top of your head

Step 4

To finish I would suggest pulling very fine strands around the front of your hair that frames your face to give this look a more softer casual look



So MIW & MIWMUMS I hope you enjoyed reading my post on tips, tricks and all things nice. If you have any request on what posts and videos you would like to see me do in the future or maybe you are looking for advice, you can tweet me on @SineadKellyLDN or follow my Facebook page Alternatively you can email me on


I look forward to hearing from you MIW and hope you enjoyed my post!


Love ya’s xxxx