So ladies,
This is the second time I have detoxed this year thanks to the lovely people at “Juice2u.”
As you will know, i reviewed  their 3 day detox last time and had great results! You can read that review here!
However, this time, it’s the 5 day one as opposed to the 3 day one. Scary was my first initial thought! 5 Days without food was a little daunting, but I have to say it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It almost became routine. Prior to this detox, I had really been working on building muscle and stripping fat, so I wasn’t expecting a huge weight loss as my muscle mass was  a lot higher than last time but had found myself being really tired all the time. I wanted a health kick and a system cleanse. 🙂
The juices didn’t arrive until 3 days after I had planned my detox, but this was due to the courier service . The Juice 2 U staff were nothing but helpful, sending me updates and getting in touch with the company when I told them the juices had appeared to have gotten lost.
Eventually I received my juices and decided to start on the following Monday after the weekend. I was advised to put them in the freezer… There was one major problem with this. Nearly every single juice exploded all over which isn’t ideal, especially if you have paid a lot of money for the product, so my advice to you would be to not freeze them ! Pop them in your fridge and start them ASAP! It also ensures they taste fresher. This was the only major problem with it, but having said that, it was the courier service that meant I had to do this.
Before the detox.

Before the detox.

This time round though, the juices were a lot smoother than last time which makes them a heck of a lot easier to drink. My least favourite “clean green,”  (as you will know from my last trial) was so much easier to down, whereas last time I really struggled with it! But this time round it was so much easier and smoother. It also made it more filling 🙂
Day 1: It came and passed, and I didn’t feel too hungry at all! Towards the end of the day I felt a little
Bit of a headache coming on, so drank some water and went to get some sleep.
Day 2: I woke up with a terrible headache 🙁 but after having lots of water it seemed to ease. I was working Tuesday night until 1am , so of course felt very hungry from my last juice until then. Lots of slices of lemon in water managed to make those hunger pains ease and I went straight to bed when I got home from work!
Day 3: I was very hungry in the evening. I had trouble sleeping on an empty tummy so had some warm water with lemon and again that seemed to help. I don’t suppose watching my boyfriend eating sausage, egg and beans helped! How cruel! :p  The juices Weren’t as fresh as they could have been, but I believe that to be from the courier service taking 3 days to get them to me. They were still good though! Full of goodness, and I was feeling like I had much more energy.
Day 4: Nearly there!! I woke early feeling full of energy and feeling really cleansed! My tummy felt flat and I felt super slim! This would have been the day to return to healthy eating if I was doing the 3 day detox. The thought of still having 2 more days was a little daunting, but the results in the mirror spurred me on. Also I didn’t feel overly hungry at all this day and had no headaches. It had almost become routine with the juices. I was however a little bit spotty though.
Day 5: I am full of energy but quite spotty. I had a night shift again tonight and got hungry later on Into the night. But again, its a case of mind over matter. Knowing I was having my last drink on the detox and would wake up tomorrow feeling great.
I woke up the day after my 5 day detox and my breakout had cleared 🙂 My skin was glowing and soft and my nails had grown a lot in just five days. I was full of energy and was bouncing around. I felt lighter and tighter and ready to start my healthy eating plan. It does make you aware of all that you put into your body and I wasn’t craving any high calorie foods. Just healthy foods to maintain my new body 🙂
I Lost 6lbs which is about the same as  the 3 day one, but I have a lot more muscle since the last time I detoxed so didn’t have as much fat or water to loose. The three day one, in terms of weight goals and kick starting a health regime is really good. The five day one, in my opinion, gives you a much more through detox, cleaning you from the inside out.
Definatly recommended if you have a hectic lifestyle where you haven’t looked after your body perhaps the way you should have. I’m positive that those with a little more weight to loose would see more of a weight loss than I did to. That said, the results visually were great. It had blasted my belly fat, which is my stubborn area.
After the detox

After the detox

Again, great results and feeling great, all from a lovely little Juice company.
You can check out their website here; Juice me baby! 
Until next time gorgeous ladies!
Lots of love,