The Kardashian’s sisters are know for many of things and one being their statement locks , these looks “require large barrel tongs and a lot of backcombing”

The reality TV beauties are famed for their fabulously volumised locks, which are usually teased into glamorously cascading waves that make every women envious! Fear not ladies, because I’m going to tell you the secrets on how to create these stunning looks….

Big hair is big news this coming season, here are my top tips to re-creating The K sister’s stunning styles at home.

To achieve statement big hair requires large barrel tongs (my favourite tongs has to be Babyliss) and a lot of backcombing!

Step 1

The best way to use a tongs is by taking horizontal sections, clamping the tongs mid-way and rolling down to the ends. This will give you a soft natural wave for the ends but leaving the root area to be teased for volume.

Step 2

Backcombing is a must to achieve their super-glam look.  I would recommend dividing hair into “four sections” this is the easiest way to carry out the technique. The larger the section the softer the wave, and obviously the smaller the section (like under and inch) the smaller the curl.

Step 3 

Keep two sections at the front and two at the back. Using a slim back-combing brush hold one of the back sections up vertically then place the brush at the mid-lengths of the section and gently brush down, pushing the hair against itself. Repeat with the three remaining sections until you get the height and volume you want.

As I always say, finishing touches with any style is paramount. I would advise using a soft bristle brush to “smooth the hair down into place” and break up the curls to give you “big sexy hair”.

Finish off with a mist of strong hold hairspray by tilting your hair side to side as this helps the spray hit the ends of the hair which helps give max hold


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