It certainly is true that music makes the world go round, but just who is doing the spinning?! 

In an Industry heavily dominated by males, MIW wants to know just how it feels to be a female behind the decks!

With inspiring female DJ’s such as Annie Mac & radio presenters Fern Cotton and Jameela Jamil, we hope this has encouraged girls to get behind the decks & take on the boys in total DJ domination !!

Essex born DJ & producer Sarah Giggle (Yes that actually is her name) has as much charisma behind the decks as her cheeky name reflects!

Tipped to be one of the hottest female DJ’s in the UK right now, Sarah has played some of the biggest clubs in the world and not to mention been one of Loaded’s 10 sexiest DJ’s! Go Girl! MIW Salutes you!

We couldn’t wait to chat to Miss Giggle!

486943_473880385995953_554250340_nSarah welcome to Miss Independent Woman.


How did your career as a DJ get started? 

My career started randomly by me being a tad feisty and ballsy! One of my friends said that they were doing a DJ competition at my local club, I commented “oh like thats hard”!! To which every one thought it would be funny for me to enter it as well so i said yes! I did it a bit like faking it where I had a month to learn how to DJ and then did the comp! It wasn’t the best but wasn’t the worst and i really loved it so never stopped!

Have you always been interested in music?

I have always worked with in music in a way, prior to djing I was a podium dancer and did fire shows as well as the modelling and presenting work so was around music a lot.

What genre of music do you love to play?

I love to play all sorts I find it depends on my moods. Djing music I just love to create a great vibe in a club and watch people enjoying their musical experience!

You’ve played some of the biggest clubs across the world, including Ibiza,Dubai and india to name a few! Where was the best club you’ve ever played?

I’ve always wanted to play the states as the clubs look amazing, there and Australia! Hmm I love all the places I get to play for a variety of reasons, one of the best experiences was a festival in portugal of 10k people that was pretty cool, or NYE in Dubai as the fireworks were amazing!!

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve played to?

The 10k people festival in portugal, definitely want to get in to playing the festivals more as love the vibe and atmosphere you get at them

Do you ever get nervous playing to a large crowd?

You often don’t get time for nerves! And it feels great and I get excited to play to lots of people, it’s the smaller more intimate events that i get more nervous for! An if i’m not slightly nervous that’s not a good sign haha .

Is it still predominantly seen as a mans world, or should more females be heading for the decks?

It is still more of a mans world but i think girls are proving slowly that we’re a force to be reckoned with so it’s making it easier slowly but surely!

Who’s your favourite female DJ’s right now? 

Aww thats a tough question as there are more now days!! I still love Charlie Hedges, Annie Mac, LizE, Elizabeth Jay and Kellie Ackerman.

Do you think to become a well known DJ, having a certain style, image and brand helps?

I think now days it’s hit and miss, it’s more about being in the right place at the right time and an opportunity arising and grabbing it with both hands!

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is hap hazard haha, i’ve definitely had some fashion disasters!! I’m more of a laddette so i’m not the best when it comes to fashion or style.

What female artist do you admire?

Wow that’s a toughie as i like the more un knowns like LizE and Elizabeth Jay that are very specific with what they do and work hard to get where they are, big artists like Yasmin who are still very real but don’t change too much for work!

As well as a DJ you also produce too, what music have you produced that you’re most proud of? 

I have only just ventured to the production side of the industry and my first track ‘Take it from me ‘ was released in May, it has had a nice feed back but i want to get back in the studio creating and get something even more commercial catchy and dance floor ready out there so that i can be more noticed!

Do you have any advice for any aspiring female DJ’s?

Just work hard an never loose where your going and why and enjoy every moment!

What’s your next ambition to conquer?

I want to have a track in the charts and become more known as a female DJ and Producer, I would like to tour the USA and Australia as well as over Europe.

Thanks for chatting to us Sarah and we wish you all the best with your future career! 

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