So below I have put together a step by step on how to achieve a messy braided chignon seen on Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. If it’s good enough for these Hollywood starlets then it’s good enough for us!



For this look I would always recommend for your hair to be at least one day old. This helps to create a lot more natural texture through your hair and it will also help give it oomph and hold.

Step 1

I would start with slightly wavy hair, this just helps to create volume and movement in the bun. ( I will do another post on ‘every day waves”)

Step 2

Split your hair in half starting from behind your ear you to the other side, clip this out of the way. With the remaining hair at the back I would then start creating a messy bun at the nape of your neck. The easiest way to do this is pull all the hair at the back into a low ponytail and secure, then using your fingers i would tease the hair starting form the ends and working your way back up and then wrap the hair around the pony tail to create a bun and when your happywith the effect secure with pins and a mist of hair spray.

Step 3

Take one section from the top of the crown on each side of the head about an inch wide and create a loose braid all the way from the roots to the tips and hold with a clear elastic band.



Step 4

Then using the tips of your fingers gently pull the braid to loosen and give it a fatter effect, then pull both side back into the bun wrapping it around loosely and secure with pins into the bun.

Step 5

With the remainder of hair, I would back comb the roots for the desired height you want and smoothing this to the back of your head, making sure that you keep the tension loose when doing so to keep the unstructured undone feel and secure.

Step 6

Finally, gently loosen a few pieces of hair around the face to soften the look and give it a more professional editorial finish. And then finish off with some medium hold hair spray all over.




With a style like this there is no right or wrong because of it’s messiness. Maybe what you should do is try it on your friends hair or sister and once you can visualise the step by steps, create it on your own.


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Love S xx