I love my boyfriend dearly but we have one problem in the sack. He’s gorgeous and sexy, with a body like Daniel Craig in the Bond films because he plays rugby. The problem is he has quite bad body odour and it really puts me off.

When we first started going out I didn’t mind so much. I guess love is blind at the beginning. But six months down the line and it’s beginning to play on my mind, I wonder why he doesn’t do something about it and doesn’t he notice it?

Please help me as I don’t want to lose him but I’ve started making excuses about not having sex.

Warmest, Lily


Hi Lily,

It’s funny the types of problems that can end up breaking people up because no one says anything about it. And from your question it seems you might be heading this way which is a shame since you really care for him.

For starters, you don’t say what his personal hygiene routine is like but there’s obviously something’s amiss. Truly bad body odour is rarely ‘accidental’ and there is almost always a solution.

Why not get practical? If he’s not got a good daily regime then you can always buy some “his and hers” bath products and say you want have some fun and sexy baths/showers together. Then lather him up! He is unlikely to resist and then you know he’s getting some good clean [and a bit dirty] fun.

Or you could get him some special men’s toiletries as a gift. Use any old excuse like the ‘anniversary of being together for six months’ to give him the special gift.

Also check out his rugby kit because if he’s not washing it properly it’ll smell – and that’ll wear off on him. He may actually be showering himself but this could lead to his BO.

Finally, some people are sensitive to things in bath products and they react to those – believe it or not they end up smelling worse if something has reacted with their pH balance. So make sure he’s not actually over-using bath products.

Once he’s fresh and clean I’m sure you’ll be having sensational sex again.

Best wishes, Pamx

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