Hi gorgeous ladies!

So recently I got asked about food substitutes. Specifically zero noodles!
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These noodles are 8cals every 100g!
WHAT!? That was my first reaction. And then how?? Well girls, These noodles are made pretty much from just water and vegetable fibre. They come in a little squishy pack that you could just store in your cupboard and at £1.99 per small pack (per serving) at Holland and Barrat, they don’t come too cheap either (Especially when you compare your standard supermarket noodles to these bags of water )
They are advertised as being An alternative to pasta in meals for those trying to achieve their weight loss goals. They also do rice and spaghetti alternatives too.
So I bought a few packets and decided to experiment.
I boiled the first pack as they were and didn’t add anything to it. I wanted to see what they tasted like on their own. After 3 mins of boiling they were done. They taste like a big bowl of nothing and I felt ‘full’ for about five mins. Hmmm…
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The next batch i cooked as you are supposed to. As an alternative to noodles so I made a chicken stir fry with them. And actually ladies, it tasted pretty good! I fried the noodles this time and then cooked the stir fry the way I normally would. Although the noodles themselves still have no taste it didn’t matter as the sauce and chicken and veg made it taste as lovely as usual! 🙂 The noodles simply acted as a ‘bulk.’
So they actually aren’t too bad! However they have zero nutrition qualities so its not something I would recommend as part of a healthy life style. Better off sticking to your cheaper and healthier whole meal rices and pastas which would defiantly keep you satisfied for longer.
 But as a substitute in some pasta based dishes whilst perhaps trying to achieve your weight loss goals, it’s a great little substitute.
But there’s nothing healthy eating and exercise can be replaced by.