Hello ladies.
So with the seasons Changing pretty dramatically here in London, literally going from humid and damp to wet freezing and windy over night, it’s played havoc with my skin.
While recently I’ve been trying to stick to a good skin regime (cleansing, toning and moisturising) my skin still isn’t responding well to my current lifestyle. I work night shifts quite often and often have very little sleep and my life is a constant rush so along with that and the environment my skin isn’t looking to fresh.
I wanted to try a new concealer. I decided, after staring at the dark circles round my eyes to get a ‘decent’ one. Not your standard drug store concealer which is what I normally opt for. After shopping around a little I settled on the Erase paste from benifit. At £19.99 a pot I was hoping for miracles!
It comes in a gorgeous girly little pot and you get a fair amount.
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The only way I can describe the consistency of it is ‘sticky.’ It smells a little like plasticine but its not enough to put you off.
The make up goes on quite thick and is actually exactly what it says on the box, a paste!  And boy does it ‘erase!’
I can imagine if you over did it a little bit you run the risk of looking ‘caked’ especially under the eye area where it can sit in the little wrinkles, but that’s what’s particularly nice about the product. A little really does go a long way and the coverage is especially great, especially on any nasty pimples!
My skin looked lovely and glowy and really does cover up those nasty imperfections. My boyfriend said my skin looked super smooth! 🙂
It really is a gorgeous little product and great at hiding those tell tale signs of fast and stressful life style.
As great as this product is, I feel that it may be a little over priced so if my bank balance was a little low I would still opt for the drug store concealers to see my through my dark days…until pay day that is 😉