Now everyone should have at least one staple Christmas jumper in the build up to the big day. Whether you prefer the understated ones or an explosion of colour, there is a lot of choice out there to suit all tastes. Even my dog Clyde wears his jumper with pride every year.


I was out with my friends only last week having an early festive gathering and the dress code was simply a ‘Christmas jumper’ it was great to see how everyone went all out with this theme.

What is it you go for when picking these items? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Either way we should remember to not take this trend too seriously, the jumpers should above all else be fun and festive of course, so girlies take a peek at my top 5 finds.

So firstly at number 5 is the kiss me it’s christmas jumper from the Boohoo range, I think it’s cute, fun and affordable at just £15.00!

At number 4 let’s go Rudolph crazy with the Helusia Reindeer jumper, super cute and snug, easily paired with your fave skinny jeans at £16.99.

At number 3, check out this fabulous Fairisle-print jumper pick from George at Asda. Everyone can appreciate a bargain at just £16.00 especially when you can grab it with your groceries, this is great for those of us who prefer their jumpers understated and fun.



At number 2 for the girls who love a bit of luxury and like to splash out, this has got to be one of my favourite’s. The Fairisle Nude Pink jumper is one of Ted Baker’s offerings this season.  Although pricey at £99.00, in my opinion it is worth every penny as you can get away with wearing this time and time again. (Let’s face it any excuse to treat yourself girls) x


Ted baker

So at number 1 for my top pick………. this one has to match all criteria in that it has to be fun, colourful, stylish and affordable for all. I give you this fabulous offering from Peacocks, the Stag and Deer jumper priced now only at £12.80 (yes you heard me right £12.80!!) what more could you want!



It’s not just about the Christmas jumpers……..

Now why does the trend have to stop at the jumpers, I love these Cath Kidston PJ’s, great for a Christmas present! They are definitely on my wish list.  You can buy these as a set or separately, the choice is yours.

Now why not go all out this crimbo and team your Christmas jumper with a pair of festive inspired leggings. You can wear them around the house or dressed up with a nice pair of boots and a crop top if your feeling brave. Check these beauties out for ideas.

These Heart Fairisle leggings I will be teaming with my Ugg’s and an oversized jumper for added comfort. Here are some other options on the high street


Asda £10.00

Pink reindeer jacquard leggings

River Island £12.00

River Island £12.00

Reindeer knitted leggings

Top shop £25.00

Top shop £25.00

Hopefully I have given you girls plenty of ideas for your festive wardrobe, it’s all about being playful with these prints, enjoy!!

I would love to see some pictures of you in your favourite Christmas jumpers! Don’t be shy.  tweet your pictures at @MIWmagazine

Look forward to seeing them!

Thanks for reading x

Article written by Polly Lawton