Nail Art 

Now I love nail polish but seeing all the different design and bling on offer there is to use, looks scarily detailed and off putting if you’re wanting to create this look yourself. DONT BE SCARED! There is hope.

The problem is we all live busy lives and don’t have time to sit down and create all these different designs as much as we would like to. So it is easier to book a slot at a nail salon and have them create the look for you, right? Well we are all guilty of this, myself included, but this can be expensive to keep up and I hadn’t realised how fun and none time consuming this can actually be. I had once tried painting white polka dots on a red base nail polish (thinking this would look festive) using my French White tip kit (at the time I thought I had to paint them on) so this resulted in me looking like I had been attacked with a tippex pen!

After this error, I decided to research how to make nail art achievable. Hope my guide helps you too.

Check out what’s on the market and play around. Now is a good time to experiment with the party season upon us, it’s a good excuse to dress up your nails.

When I say nail wraps and foils what comes to mind? Hopefully something like this? Who knew wraps would be the quickest way to achieve a customised look without actual painting involved.

This look may look a little daunting to achieve at first but I can safely say it is ‘simples’. All you need to do is pick a design you like and buy them either online or on the high street and then let the fun begin. So for those girls who are a novice to nail wraps and want to achieve this look DIY style, then follow these quick steps to make this look work.

Let’s get wrapping!

* Ideally start by pushing back the cuticles and buffing down the edges of the nail, so you have the desired shape you want.

* Use nail polish remover to clean the nail.

* Select the wrap closest to your nail size and cut to suit.

* Peel off backing to wrap and gently apply to the nail.

* Get the hair dryer on and heat the wrap gently, this will allow the adhesive to do it’s work.

* Press wrap firmly and make sure there are no creases setting in.

* File off any excess.

* To avoid any peeling, seal any free edge with either top coat of polish or nail glue.

Polly’s pick would be my favourite pick as they have a massive selection on offer, so you really are spoilt for choice, but at prices from £1.00!!! what more could you want. If you are still looking for stocking fillers I think these are a great idea and at that price you could treat yourself too (Don’t worry I won’t tell!)

Here’s a few from the website to tempt you…..



This mirror gold floral tip is on sale, totally classy and elegant, this would look great with a black party dress.



This black and silver zebra nail is stunning and as metallics are on trend especially for Xmas, it would be a good one to go for.

Want something more natural with a hint of designer edge? Try the black style just tips.



Festive Favourite’s…

For those who want to avoid a festive tippex effect disaster like myself, check out these fab foils.


£5.99 Glittering Snowflake


Hope I have given you some ideas for different style’s of nail design out there. You can buy the wraps also on Ebay, Amazon and Boots to name but a few.

Have you got any pictures you can send in of your favourite nail art/wrap ideas? If so tweet us @MIWmagazine, we would love to see everyone’s take on this trend.

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Until next time, thanks for reading girls. x

Article written by Polly Lawton.