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When I say powerlifting to you girls, you probably have the misconception that people who partake in this sport have to be bulky and masculine, well Martine is here to break that stereotype. This lovely lady is set for big things in 2014 and is far from this image. At only 5 feet 4 inches Martine is breaking the mould that girls have to be a certain physique to achieve in this sport. I caught up with Martine last week and couldn’t wait to find out how she has got where she has and what’s next on the cards. I am certain you will be just as inspired by her as I am.

Martine medal

Some facts about Martine…….

Martine is a British Powerlifting Champion and has gone from being novice to pro in less than a year!

A Leicester born girl born and bred and fellow Midland lass like myself 🙂

Martine is a fully qualified personal trainer and dancer.

Director at Be Fitter fitness company.

In less than six months, Martine has won two gold medals, making her a British Champion, and has been selected to represent Great Britain by being part of team GB.

As well as the gold medals to her belt, Martine also won a Bronze medal at the WPC World Championships in Prague. Bearing in mind this is only her second ever competition! I think this is amazing achievement and am sure you will all agree.

Martine has been on BBC Radio, the Leicester Mercury Newspaper, Leicestershire & Rutland Magazine, The Kibworth Chronicle Newspaper, The Daily Star, asked to speak at an Aspirations Event to discuss health and fitness and is soon to feature in two other magazines.

Her mission is to promote Powerlifting and encourage more young women not to be scared of lifting weights, you do not have to be big and bulky to be strong!

To me, powerlifting seems seriously daunting, the thought of lifting heavy weights, who would even know where to start? As a complete novice myself, the most weights I lift are either a tin of baked beans or my can of hairspray whilst going on the stepper every day.  This is my embarrassing attempt at replacing dumbbells to workout at home hoping that the endgame means I will be strong and in good shape. There is clearly along way for me to go if I want to be able to achieve what Martine has.

So where did it all start for Martine?

martine weights

Well she first became interested in powerlifting eight months ago when she wanted to test her strength. Powerlifting consists of three disciplines, Squat, Bench Press and deadlift.  You get three attempts to squat, bench and pull the most weight and the person with the highest score wins.

The initial thought came about because she wanted to prove a point to the members of Be-Fitter a Fitness Company she runs with her brother and two other partners.

A day in the life of….

Martine’s training routine :

This consists of Powerlifting training three times a week, assistance training twice a week and two cardio sessions per week.

This is what Martine eats…

Martine does not eat meat.

Breakfast: Oats

Lunch: Either a homemade veg soup or a mixture of boiled/steamed veg with sweet potato.

Dinner: Lentils and salad and maybe some Rye Bread.

Snacks: Raw nuts, fruit and veg as well as an occasional wheat & gluten free snack such as Nairns Oat cakes.

You can see the commitment and determination in every aspect of Martine’s daily life in order to achieve what she has, focus is key!

How to start your own strength programme

When I asked Martine what she would recommend to women starting out as a routine to build strength, she gave me the following tips….

For simple strength training-Pick a range of exercises you want to increase your strength on say for example, Back squat,  bench press, deadlifts or shoulder press for example and do 5 sets of 5 reps. Pick a weight you can’t do no more than 5 reps with. If you can do more than 5 reps it’s too light, if you can’t get to 5 reps it is too heavy. If you complete all 5 sets at the same weight then the following week increase to a higher weight and repeat.

If you can’t complete all 5 sets without lowering the weight don’t increase the weight the following week. This is a very basic approach however it’s important to vary your training so your body doesn’t get used to the same routine/style of training as well as doing lighter weights with higher reps on occasion.

Now the difficult things I find is making sure you commit to a regime and don’t get distracted, this is a fundamental part of succeeding in this sport as Martine explained to me when I asked her if she ever feels like a day off.

“If you want to achieve anything you have to just keep going and stick at it. Everyone has off days or days you don’t feel like training but you just need to get on with it and keep going. You’ll regret it if you don’t and you always feel better after a workout and for getting through it. I schedule in 2 days off from training per week to rest my body. I personally find this break enough to keep me motivated for the following weeks training. Once you start seeing results and progress it’s enough to keep you going.”

Martine’s crucial advice to women who want to achieve in this sport

“Go for it and don’t look back. Eat well, train hard, surround yourself with positive can do people, do your research and get in touch with experts to advise you, find a good trainer, set goals, stick to your plan and stay focused until you achieve what you set out to and finally make the most of it and enjoy it!”

What we can expect from Martine in the future…

As well as the powerlifting, we can expect Martine to soon be launching her own small collection of clothing for women ‘MG Tees’. Keep your eyes peeled for this label ladies!






I for one am motivated by Martine’s story and what she has achieved in so little time, it’s great to have strong, capable women out there who break the mould’s and stereotypes. It goes to show you that you if you feel passionate about something enough and commit to the dream, then you can succeed in anything.

Miss Independent Woman definitely salute’s Martine and wishes her all the best of luck for the future. Keep an eye on her for things to come in 2014 as I definitely think we will be seeing a lot more of her.


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Article written by Polly