WOW its been a long time since my last post and I am so sorry for all my mummy readers that I haven’t been around. More on that to follow as to why…… but I am back and HELLO and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all fabulous MIW ladies and men of course!

Following on from my last post about embracing mummy hood (and believe me I have my off days) I made a huge personal decision and left my full time job. A VERY hard decision to make as for so long I was loving being full time but the travelling, being away and strain on family life became too much. My life had changed but the job had not and I had to make a very difficult decision


Luckily I am extremely lucky to have a supportive husband who let me make this choice and has supported me in my decision. AND even luckier.. I found a great local job, 3 days a week and with actual real colleagues! Working on my own for so long was not helping my mental state and I wasn’t getting out of the building site house (yes it is still going strong). I found immediately I became less stressed, happier and just generally a nice person to be around.

BUT I panicked. What on earth do I do with Finley for 2 full days a week? It felt so long that I had been a mummy in the day. Straight away I googles toddler groups, called and text play date friends and filled my first week with exciting plans!

In my mind I had those two days filled with visits, crafts, play doh fun, baking, visiting friends – meeting new people and having a whale of time.

After two weeks of rushing around on my days off I suddenly realised that dragging a toddler around at army pace was N OT fun, I was more exhausted than a days work and the housework was being neglected.

This was my time to be a bit more ‘Wifey’ and get dinner on the table for us all. To revisit my cookery books, to get washing and ironing done (in between cuddles) of course and also play with my son’s toys!

For the past two weeks, my 2 days off have resulted in half attempted dinners, too much kids TV on, too many trips to the supermarket (poor Finley), too many treats, breakfasts in bed with Finley, too much tickle time and long leisurely baths ( both of us – I am lucky I have a fantastic back washer and all round good boy who plays with his toys in the bathroom (and plonks them into my soapy suds haha).

It’s been great. I have absolutely loved chilling my boy and just finding our feet as we go along

As for the new job? I am loving it. I leave on time – no more blackberry, no more driving miles around the country and no more long spells away from my family. I do have pangs for my old responsibilities but this new chapter of my life really does seem lovely for now












I may change my mind but I am keeping fingers crossed that I stay in my little bubble 🙂

Please keep your comments coming, would love to hear from you!

L x