One door closes…

Well we are now well and truly settling into 2014 and I hope your New Year Resolutions have gone well and you are still holding onto a little of that ‘New Year magic’, because it is very special.  There is energy in ‘moving on’ you know that feeling that something is ending and something new is coming forth.

New Year is the time to go through your diary and think… should I ‘KEEP’ that friend or ‘CULL’! Harsh as it seems, the reality is that you can’t take everyone into your destiny.  Facebook encourages us to be pals with everyone, but in reality you only need a handful of quality people.  Maybe you have entered a into new relationship? Started attending a gym and doing well getting into shape? or maybe you have a brand new flat?  The truth is change is exciting but we physically sometimes have to leave the old ways behind.  This is a great opportunity to boldly pronounce the ‘BRAND NEW YOU’.

I’ve got friends who are all loved up and some who desperately want to find love.  The truth is, both states have great advantages and disadvantages, so to be content at either we have to learn to enjoy our current status.  The desire to see change starts from within, it takes courage to believe and keep on walking when you can’t see the change you desire yet.

I am setting up a business, and I realise that is my ‘new baby’, it is constantly on my mind, I ‘m not a free and single performer anymore! But in order to walk into my dreams I have to accept it may feel ‘bumpy’ at times.  Sometimes that requires leaving behind those ‘un-believing’ friends… You know the voices in our head that say ‘you’ll never do that’ or ‘you’ll never shed that weight’, well to move on we have to move out of negative thoughts and feelings to keep us motivated to move into our dreams.  This can take time, so learning to be patient is important.

One door opens and another door closes is true. Every step is another step towards your dream and another step away from your past.