Haha I love this – after a lengthy train conversation I had with a friend, she sent me this

Mothers gets just 17 minutes of ‘me time’ to themselves each day… and STILL take on the lion’s share of the chores

  • Mothers have packed schedules and manage children, work and chores
  • Modern mothers say they still take on 78% of the housework
  • Top ways to unwind include read book, have a cup of tea and watch soaps

It will hardly come as much of a surprise to millions of frazzled women across  the country.

For a study has found that the average mother ends up with a mere 17 minutes to herself a day.

Over the course of a whole week, looking after children and going to work as well as doing the lion’s share of the housework means that the average mother gets less than an hour and a half of waking time to herself, the poll found.


Mothers like to unwind by painting their nails

Mothers like to unwind by painting their nails


1. Read a book
2. Cup of tea
3. Watch soaps
4. Have a doze
5. Browse Facebook/Twitter
6. Online shopping
7. Candlelit bath
8. Watch TV relaxing in bed
9. Watch a film
10. Clean the house / clear out cupboards / rearrange furniture
11. Drink wine
12. Eat chocolate
13. Go for a walk/run
14. Go shopping
15. Write a list
16. Listen to music or the radio in peace
17. Go out with friends
18. Read the paper / newspapers
19. Play computer games/apps
20. Paint nails

Read the full article here  from the Daily Mail

So who agrees? I am definitely still managing our household and working. In fact before Finley we lived in a one bed roomed flat which was spotlessly clean and cosy. Moving to a 3 bed house, having a child, working and keeping the house healthy, happy and fed now dominates my life along with holding down my job and commuting to work. Also the ridiculous task of managing birthday, cards, presents for friends, family and Fin’s friends together with Doctor’s appointments, dental visits, vet visits, friend and family visits and  catch up’s with meals etc etc etc etc need I go on??!

Husband, on the other hand never gets stressed about the house, is very laid back about shopping, cleaning, ironing and general ‘managing the house’ and ‘schedule’. Is this the key to success? Are women worrying about these ‘trivial things’ more than we should or will the house completely break down if we stop? Should we just let go and enjoy our lives a bt more? Hmmm maybe we are the problem not the guys?

Personally any chance to get out and feel like a normal human being – no kids, a few drinks, a nice chat and catch up with friends etc… always wins out. Unless there are fresh sheets on the bed, a stormy night, a good book and quiet in the house then I would always go for a sleep.

I am sure I should be saying that spending time with Hubby should win out but I am sorry my darling, after picking up your smelly socks, work clothes and wet towels – I think I deserve some ME TIME. You are more than welcome to take over!

Would love to hear your thoughts!

L x