Happy Valentines eve my beautiful ladies,  as promised i have found some of the best step by step guides for you to be able to create the perfect look. Wether you are fabulous when doing your own hair or all fingers and thumbs, these are FAB!

Nice and simple and even easier to create take a look. Dig out that bristle brush and kirby grips and get a little practice in before the big date tomorrow!!




(If you are not very good at the fish tail you can always just do a normal plait, it will give you the same effect.)


image 3




( This one is my fave, i love the effortlessness and the softness it created around the face. If you feel like your hair is a bit too much off your face bring a little down around the front as if they had almost fallen there.)


image 4


(This messy bun with a braid round the front can be as messy as you like. Do not worry about getting everything smooth, hair looks nicer when it has a more natural softer look rather than sprayed to an inch of its life.)

So girls give them a try and see how you get on…do not forget my recent blog on how to seduce your man with your hair. If you are wearing your hair down then give your man a little insight into you without giving it all up at once ;)..(yes you can do this with your hair!) Also remember products are the key for keeping your hair long lasting through the night, a fab smelling shine spray or hairspray will be great for this! I actually found these tutorials, in Facebook on a hair tutorial page so thanks for sharing them and making me able to share to these fabulous ones! 😀


Happy Vals day girls…i hope you all get thoroughly spoilt

Till the next time, peace and lots of love

KC x