So hubby and I have decided to go ahead and plan for baby number 2. Both being from a family of 3, we have always wanted at least 2 kiddies and a sibling for Finley.

Because Finley was not planned in anyway, actually #planning’ to ‘try’ for a baby stressed me out a bit! I consulted some friends who are pretty much prego experts (from measuring your basal body temperature (I know I didn’t know either) to ovulation kits and best time to ‘try’. I got a bit caught up in it and did some essential reading.

With the new job, it pretty much went out the window as I wanted to give 100% to my new role so forgot about all the bumpf I’d collated and shoved it in the bedside drawer to be read at a later date! Then low and behold, boobs start hurting and I couldn’t finish my delicious sushi dinner on a friend birthday meal out. I just knew that once again, my body had a mind of its own and had decided to accept the miracle of life














Suffice to say, I started to panic. Oh my god – how can I cope with 2? How am I gonna tell my boss? How am I gonna keep this weight off that I have lost? How on earth am I gonna cope if I get pre eclampsia again or is this one gonna get stuck again? Am I gonna get awful stretch marks (I got a handful with Finley and in a place I can hide them – under my pant line). WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING?

Main worry? Work. I couldn’t help but worry that I had let my new team down and that I was gonna be gone in July. When should I tell them? What if I feel awful with this one?

Sickness was ok, nausea was not. I felt seasick pretty much every day from 5 weeks and no amount of fresh ginger or sea sickness band was helping then BOOM the tiredness hit. I forgot how much time I had to chill and sleep with Finley. I used to just pop to bed when I needed  too, catch up on sleep on the weekend….this was SO NOT gonna happen. Propping my eyelids at my desk, hiding my decaf teabags in my drawer and luckily dodging the drinking elements of work Christmas parties became the norm.

I do feel different about this little bean. Calmer perhaps? Bit more relaxed about the whole thing AND excited to see how fin interacts with is little bro or sis


As for inklings on the sex?? Mmmm I have no idea. All I can say is that I felt BLIMMIN AWFUL with this little one and I don’t know anyone who can cause stress on its mother like I did with mine so I’m plumping for pink!



Will keep updating you on progress with bubba 2 and how I am getting on. Wish me luck and some more sleep!


L x