Already I am starting to think about baby things needed. To be entirely honest, its more about the things we didn’t get which I wish we had (more dummies for starters) because I really did over buy useless things the 1st time. I think all new mums or dad’s can be seduced by lots of lovely items that you use once or twice and then leave to fester away in drawers and cupboards haha!

At least the big spend is out the way and we have our travel system, car seats and nursery furniture!

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Planning to breastfeed again is a big decision for me as I found it so bloody awful the 1st time, I nearly gave up after 3 days but I luckily had some incredible support from a feisty midwife who could tell I really really wanted to make it work. I never felt pressure to feed from anyone but it was something I dreamed of doing like many women and the reality of ulcerated nipples and humongous boobs that felt like they were going to explode really threw me.

It does sadden me to read about ‘breastapo’ gangs or anyone quite militant on Breastfeeding because I kind of know where they are coming from but its the way of going around it which upsets me. It’s definitely coming from a good place, a passionate place but slightly forceful and un relenting. My advice? I think the NCT and NHS should re word they nicey nicey pamphlets to say that it is most likely to hurt, to stock up on as much lansinoh cream at possible and not to take it so badly if you cant breastfeed. I would also tell mums about the wonderful peer support available, online help and that you are certainly not alone. It took me about 2 months in reality to get to grips with feeding and I never mastered the lying down bit (probably because id suffocate my little lad haha!)

I find it incredibly sad to see articles about the negativity of breastfeeding but I can understand why. Which is why the story below brightened my day a lot.

Celebrity Feeding Mums





But this one made me shout at the screen….are you kidding me???? ARGH! Who on earth thinks like this? Thank you to Mumsnet for highlighting this ridiculousness of the outrage

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I really  hope I can feed again but if not, I know that formula milk is not the devil and has produced some mighty fine kids. The message needs to change and I for one am all for producing happy healthy kids no matter how they get their milk

I’d love to hear your stories – successful, non successful, opinions etc etc! And if you need help check out these links

National BF Helpline

La Leche