It has happened already! Exactly like i knew it would. The sun has started to shine and i keep seeing lovely light hair all over the place and i want it!!

I said to myself i would be good, try and keep my hair the same colour, look after it a little bit more..! I just don’t think i can, i don’t want to have sensible hair!  I am not sure if it is in my nature. Ever since i started my apprenticeship nearly 11 years ago i have been the same. Every few months a complete overhaul constantly changing my appearance. (My bf reckons i am on the run) but since last July i have kept to a pretty medium brown, sometimes going a little darker sometimes adding a touch of red. (secretly hoping by some miracle it would be vibrant, knowing full well it wouldn’t be)..

So now what do i do? I need this to happen so i am going to have to take some of my own advise (and don’t we all know it is the hardest to take.)

So here we go girls…if you are thinking the same and wanna join in the journey with me then lets do it together.

First thing is first we need to actually take a look at our hair (your hairdresser will give you the best advise too so please ask them)  does it look damaged?? Is there a lot of split ends?? Will this be helped with a hair cut or is the damage further and further up? If the answer is the damage is done  and you have had a cut already then you need a great treatment, something reconstructing (your hairdresser will be able to recommend a great one)

I would use Redken anti-snap

1010914 Or from the high-street -aussie 3 min miracle




Secondly if your hair is in good condition get your hairdresser to strand test your hair to see how light it will be able to lift. This will determine which kind of colour you will be able to go depending on how many levels of lift is achieved. Don’t forget you want your hair to still look gorgeous so don’t over do it with the lifting. It is better to do it gradual then damage your hair to the point of no return. damaged hair

If the colour doesn’t come out light enough for you, your hairdresser will recommend what colour you would be able to have or wether your hair would withstand a second application. Just remember it isn’t the end of the world if you cant get the bright blonde you are dreaming of. If you already have a really dark colour on your hair like myself you are going to end up with a colour that is a lot warmer and not overly too light straight away. The more you have it done the lighter you will go but in the mean time why not try some caramels or a slightly warmer brown.  If you are bored of your colour like me then seeing something different colour wise in your hair will lift the colour in your face straight away.



Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you want hair to look quality rather than tack, you need to be patient and always seek a professionals advice if you are trying this solo.

So girls i hope that has helped a little bit, it is hard work getting there sometimes but i will be well worth it in the end. Hopefully i can start my process of lighter locks soon! I will keep you posted on whats happening!

Over and out

Love K x