Ahhh I love Easter. Especially now as I can get away (a little) by asking for chocolate 🙂 The last few years I have not had an Easter Egg trying to shift weight so this year I have decided to ask for one 🙂 I quite fancy these stunning eggs from Fortnum and Mason – have a look here !












I have never really entertained Easter with fin but this year we have decided to really celebrate the occasion. He is already asking questions about flowers, baby lambs and bunnies (I think the marketing campaigns are working haha!) and obviously many of you may be celebrating Easter in a religious sense – either way its a lovely chance to appreciate life, new life, family and erm….great food and chocolate! Am I allowed to say that? 🙂

I have already been crafting with Finley and planning some lovely things to do on Good Friday and Easter Sunday (we are going up north to visit family)

So apart from sourcing local easter egg hunts, I have been looking online and in the shops for inspiration! I wanted to share some great ideas posted on some websites I follow too

Easter Egg Hunt – so I popped into my local Tesco and found an amazing Easter Egg Hunt pack with masks, empty coloured eggs and signs. It was only £5 (I am sorry I can’t find a picture) but they have some great things including wrapping paper, bonnets, mini chicks and bunnies and plain polystyrene eggs to decorate (see below Fin’s attempts!) Worth checking out here


Cakes: Lots in the supermarkets and treats of course but I saw this and wanted to share the  Easter Bunny Cake from Gurgle Magazine (my favourite!) easy peasy and so cute! I think i will making nests again out of shredded wheat and chocolate here 














I also cannot wait to cook a nice family dinner on Good Friday so I am scouring the web for lovely recipes….. (Suggestions Welcome!)

As always Mumsnet have some FAB tips for Easter rainy days and all sorts of themed activities so check it out here  and lots activities here! Check out my key source on Facebook all things mummy –  Mother & Baby too for some fab ideas

I also saw this amazing Easter Bunny dress for little girls! How cute! From Not on The High Street












I hope your Easter planning goes well – the thing I am most looking forward to is spending 2 extra days with my boys and the family. I don’t think you can beat that 🙂

Lots of love

L x