Ahh the old Breasfeeding debate rumbles on. I really wish there was more help and positivity regarding feeding in general out there. Pro boob OR Pro bottle – PRO MUM I say!

With my blossoming bump comes blooming boobs and I can safely say, these guys are getting bigger and bigger each day. I still haven’t got round to getting measured for some new maternity bras (NAUGHTY I KNOW!). These bad boys are already producing milk (sorrryyyyyyy) and giving me serious back ache.




I loved using this 1st time so will be getting a new batch ASAP along with some of their other products for mum and babe (Love Boo). There are lots of amazing skin care products now on the market – in the main retailers and supermarkets so you really can nurture your bumps N boobs well.














As I am planning to breastfeed again (I hope it’s a little easier this time), I haven’t really looked into bottles yet but will and post some thoughts! I bet loads has changed in 3 years so I can’t wait!

I was lucky enough to be able to express with ease and produce a lot to store so I will be digging out my pump after a few months so daddy and hopefully Finley can get in on the feeding act! But with Breastfeeding you never know. I didn’t realise how much it would hurt and I nearly gave up so many times. I would say it took me about 1 month to get to grips properly with it all and then carried on for 6 months. In the end it was a total breeze and easy on the wallet!

I am a little worried it might not go as smoothly this time but I know not to push myself or pressurise myself. I have been lucky enough to know the benefits and joy that comes from feeding and just how amazing I felt doing it. Fingers crossed it happens again – albeit without sore nipples and marathon 3 hour feeds (oh how I miss those growth spurt days!)

I would say to anyone considering, doing or struggling to always ask for help and don’t just take 1 person’s advice – get lots of help! I was asking my midwife, health visitor, Breastfeeding peer support group, friends, family – you name it! I had some great advice, some militant advice and not so useful advice so I am hoping my past experience can help me this time

BF mums, the NHS and all pro feeding literature tell you how wonderful and easy it is but I really did struggle. So I have compiled my main…….

Breastfeeding Gripes:


  1. It really hurt and I hated it at first – toe curling agony. Counting to ten each latch on helped for the 1st two weeks. Tears flowed, milk flowed but I felt like the worst mum ever!
  2. Feeling like a failure not getting the latch right
  3. The enormity of being responsible for supplying this little person with all the food they need
  4. Huge veiny boobs *TMI I know but its true
  5. Spurting milk = ruined sofas and clothes
  6. The endless hours it seems feeding
  7. Growth Spurts – never explained properly but once you know, its like a magical secret you never realised
  8. Passing on your curry – I learned my lesson with this. What I drank and Eat most definitely passed to baby!
  9. Not being able to ‘bounce back’ – I yearned for a night out at the pub or to get back to the gym. It just didn’t happen for me. No matter how hard I wanted to pound that treadmill or run down our seafront – the huge milk filled boobs seemed to not want to co-operate. Seeing all the skinny mum celebs only deepened my depression for the lost body. As for ‘pumping and dumping’ (being able to drink alcohol, pump it away then dump it down the loo). I did this once and nearly cried at the liquid gold going down the swanny
  10. Seeing husband itching to feed baby and feeling helpless
  11. Baby not settling because mama smelt so lovely and tasty of milk. Daddy however gets baby off in one click leaving me in tears 🙁


  1. its freeeeeee! If you discount breastpads, milk storage bags and a new sofa (Sorry husband)
  2. The moment it stopped hurting. I became the proudest milk machine ever – on and off he popped with no fuss and no leaks
  3. Getting the latch right – feeding mid wedding ceremony in total quiet was such an accomplishment. As was popping baby on and off on a flight to spain. No crying baby annoying passengers RESULT
  4. The enourmity of suppling this little baby with all the nutrients they may need. Mind blowing. It was all down to me (Proud womanly rulers of the world smile inserted here)
  5. Big boobs = happy husband & feeling womanly
  6. NOT having to go to the gym or trying to bounce back. I kept my wobbly tum and leaky boobs longer than some 🙂 But hey, look what I get to do!
  7. NOT having to go out round bars or clubs. Feeling a bit like an imposter instead of miss party animal!
  8. Getting a break from baby as I used the never ending excuse – ‘but he settles so much better on you’!!! teehee heee (off I swan for a bath)
  9. Finding some amazing friends who helped me in my tough times and still offer fab advice now on toddlerhood!
  10. Coming to terms with the fact that I was lucky enough to do it. Some mums cant, some can but we all do whats best for baby. I felt privileged it  did really clicked for us.

Not sure what else is more important other than doing what YOU think is best! BOOB OR BOTTLE, we all do what we can.

One thing I will NOT FORGET this time in my hospital bag is this little tube of wonder – Lanisoh! Best. thing. ever.













And some key helplines for anyone struggling!

http://www.laleche.org.uk/ friendly breastfeeding support from pregnancy onwards

NHS https://www.nhs.uk/InformationServiceForParents/pages/signup.aspx

Breastfeeding Network http://www.breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk/

I will be popping on a post about bottles soon as I have seen some amazing new products

If you have any tips, hints and solutions would love you to share 🙂 Pro mum remember!

Love L x