I woke up in a bit of a panic yesterday – 12 weeks left till this little addition to our family arrive and we are so unorganised.

Is this 2nd child syndrome or me being totally lax about the whole thing?

I remember having the nursery done and full of lovely baby things and packs of nappies etc etc all ready in plenty of time 3 years ago. I even think I had the beginnings of a hospital bag. I was slightly more neurotic then – more time on my hands and more job stress so being super-duper organised was the only way we could cope with the imminent arrival of baby 1!

Now we are trying to get Fin into his own cool Dinosaur themed funky room – thanks to Laura Ashley’s Lovely wallpaper!















I want to redecorate the nursery and start putting things away…but it is proving hard. I realised I needed to dig out the old babygro’s from the loft and painstakingly wash them ready for July. We don’t know the sex of this one so lots of white will fill the wardrobe!

I saw this which was a great prompt for me from Matalan – love it. I totally forgot about the Tens machine (and I also need earplugs should I be sharing the maternity ward with noisy sleepers again)














Along with all the other bits and pieces we need, honestly, I don’t know when we will have the energy or time to get organised.

Talking to a friend expecting her 1st baby, its amazing the things you DON’t do this time around. I quite frequently forget how far gone am I, what stage baby is at, getting up for the toilet 3 times a night ( I am so tired, I lie there ignoring the pain hoping it will go away!) and generally feel like I am just getting on with surviving the toddler hood stage WHILST pregnant.

Somehow I feel smaller, fitter and Braver. As If I am more able to cope and more ‘realistic’ about how things may go. Not saying my innocence was wasted with fin – just that I know what to expect and as it was soooo far removed from my ideal birth and the expected post-partum bliss I had in store for myself 🙂





I also know what will happen when I do get home and the lazy days with baby will be replaced with ‘Finley fun time’ under the makeshift den, feeding baby with one hand/boob and reading boy friendly ‘stinky stories’ with my other all whilst picking up tens of mini train engines off the floor. Now, all that being said, I cannot wait but I miss the 1st baby days already haha!

Along with the blossoming brood, we need to start changing the house around a bit (hence the change to big boy room for fin) and as I mentally made my list of  ‘Wants and Must Have’s’ it dawned on me that although cheaper than baby 1, this time we need to be a bit smarter with our choices. Do we really need the buggy board (Me YES! Daddy – hmmm really? Can’t he just walk?’)

Now I do love Scary Mommy and some of the frank, honest posts! This one seems extremely true, honest and refreshing so I had to share!!!!!

15 Differences In Raising Your First & Second Child


As for cradling my tum and playing my old folky tunes ( in an effort to [produce a cool guitar playing songster as I did with Finley) this poor wee one gets pummeled regularly as more often than not, I forget I have a bump, and the poor thing must be sick of Mr Tumble’s ‘Hello Hello’ song and indeed hearing ‘mummy stinky poop head’ (my official name at the moment). Being squished at every occasion whilst I bend down to retrieve a lost Thomas Engine from under the table must not be fun so baby 2 – I am sorry but I have a feeling I am preparing you for life as the younger sibling.


Its exciting and scary but I know I can cope. Plus I have a little helper now…even though when I mention his new baby sister or brother I get….. ‘but mum, I will NOT be changing stinky nappies’

Haha! Gotta love the cheek of it!

Share your 2nd baby stories, would love to hear how you coped or your top tips

L x