Now some of you may not have heard of balayage and many of you my have heard of ombre. The problem that everyone seems to be having is that they are pretty similar and we are not quite sure which is which. To be fair they are pretty similar. The main things that make them different is the technique that would be used to achieve the look and the vibrancy and area  in which the colour is.

So if you are a little confused as to whats what and which one you prefer…have no fear. I am here to talk you through all you need to know.

The Ombre ..

Ombre seems the be the look that we saw first (after dip dye) it is perfect for people who would like a low maintenance colour and who don’t always necessarily have the money to be in the salon every few weeks having it topped up. I found in the salon it was particularly popular with students and yummy mummy’s with young children. It gave a care free kind of look to the hair and looked amazing with soft curls or waves. The ombre would be created by colour fading into a lighter colour at the bottom, taking sections, back combing them and then applying the colour. Back combing the hair would stop a definite line and allow the colour to blend into one another. I personally love it and we are still having many people coming into the salon to have this done now. This is also perfect for people who want to be lighter but couldn’t imagine themselves with this colour all over. It then allows you to do more if you do want to without committing to it all first. The good thing with the Ombre is that you can leave your colour to grow out as long as you want and you can go as bright as you want. You are technically paying for your hair to look rooty but in a beautiful way :).

Here are a few pics of my favourite ombre styles. This may help you to determine the difference between the two techniques.








Balayage is beautiful. It is french and it means to ‘sweep’ exactly how the process is done. It is meant to give you that beautiful sun kissed look as if mousey hair would get naturally in the sun. You don’t get a line of colour because the way the colour is swept onto the hair is to look like it is naturally lifted. The colour isn’t painted onto the hair as you would with a all over colour, it is simply stoked through just on the front part of the hair. This creates a great look and looks fab in hair if you only go a few shades lighter than your natural colour. It will definitely look sun kissed and is the same as the ombre in regards to the colour not starting at the root. The person who i think really bought the Balayage out years ago was Jennifer Anniston in friends. Her hair always looked beautifully sun kissed with such a effortless look.

Here are a few pics of my fave..







So hopefully this gives you a little more of a helping hand with which technique is which. Regardless of which one you end up with they are both beautiful and perfect for this time of year when our hair naturally gets a little lift from the sun. If you are all natural then you will get a little of this look without having to pay for it and we are not jealous at all ;).

So if you are going for it let me know, if you are a little nervous then start of gradual and have more.

Send me your pics via twitter @kelliemariecole or instagram kellie_mariecole – i look forward to seeing them all

Much love

K x