Two Female Entrepreneurs Esta & Hannah prove that a having a ‘Beauty Spot’ really is a sign of true beauty!

The Beauty Spot is an online beauty service with exclusive offers for beauty treatments, hair, photo shoots and chauffeur service. Whether it’s a night out, special occasions or weddings the Beauty Spot can provide everything to make you look fabulous’.  – Esta & Hannah.

So who is the Beauty Spot and why was it formed? MIW’s very own VP went to Weston Super Mare to investigate and meet the ‘female beauty bosses’. Watch the video and see The Beauty Spot‘s MIW introductory piece below.

It’s so inspiring to hear of women believing in themselves and following their dreams.

Esta and Hannah are both working mums from Weston-Super-Mare, since becoming friends they have embarked on a new journey in setting up a mobile/online beauty service ‘The beauty Spot”.

When I caught up with Esta and heard all about it, I felt really excited about the service, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Esta and Hannah came over to my house, the girls were full of positivity, their energy was passionate and infectious ! Even though I was at home the girls made sure they created a relaxed atmosphere!

1. First I had my eye brows tinted. Hannah has a signature speciality called the ‘Power Brow – Which consists of HD tint to shape and define the natural brow, followed by the ‘Power Brow’ itself where she applies extensions to the eyebrow! Amazing if you have over plucked or have fine eye brows! I didn’t go for that this time round but I’m dying to try it out on my next visit !!


2.Next Esta threaded my eye brows to shape them- it looks as painful as it is! LOL just kidding it’s pretty quick and is no more painful than waxing, the results are smooth hair free brows for weeks!


3. Esta applied my spray tan – the beauty of this (excuse the punn) is that the girls just come over your house and pop up a tent, it’s mess free and totally convenient especailly as you don’t have to put clothes on after, this was in my dads spare room! LOL (shows it can be done ANYWHERE!) The Tan is all organic so great for your skin too.




The next day I washed it off to find a streak free natural tan. I decided not to go too dark this time as I’m fair haired and I wanted it to look quite natural!

4. Esta applied her special air brush foundation. I have to say the results were amazing, my skin was flawless and it lasted all day! Perfect for weddings, she even contoured my cheeks and blusher with this tool!


5. Hannah applied some amazing eye lash extensions and did my make up! She really created a warm natural look with defined eyes, which was exactly what I wanted !!


The Beauty Spot is a brilliant service and the girls are true professionals making the whole experience really luxurious. I’m sure they will definitely have a lot of beauties going there!!

The girls offer some fantastic beauty tips including techniques on how you can make your own makeup work best for you! If you have any questions you’d like to ask Esta and Hannah please get in touch on our twitter @MIWmagazine  #AskTheBeautySpot.

What I found incredibly inspiring about Hannah and Esta is their drive to make women feel good and confident, recently they gave up their mothers day to make up the ladies in an old peoples home so they could look and feel nice to see their families. It just goes to show that a bit of pampering really does make us feel special, something we all deserve!

Girls go and check out The Beauty Spot on Facebook or Twitter to book your treatments!!

I wish Hannah and Esta all the best in their venture!! ‘GO GIRRRLLS’!

The video was filmed at the beautiful Rookery Manor in Weston Super Mare. A 16th century estate, set in award-winning lakeside gardens, if your in Weston Super Mare and require a hotel, spa break, wedding, corporate event, private party or even a wonderful dinner set in a lush, calming location, we high recommend you visit!! A big thanks to Rebecca for her hospitality: Rookery Manor Website here .


Video Features Music from Girls Allowed song ‘Something New’ available to purchase here Its also features on our very own MIW Radio Playlist, why not get ready to your night out listening to MIW Tunes, specially selected by the Girls of MIW!

Thanks for Watching!! x