Paula Kerr-Jarrett interview by Joy Carter on Women, politics, motherhood and success Pt 2

I first met Paula Kerr-Jarrett at an event last year at the Jamaican High Commission, and you know when you meet someone who simply takes your breath away it was like that. Paula seemed to magically arrive in a corporate parliamentary styled setting wearing a shocking pink dress and matching clutch! WOW! Now that is an entrance and I knew I had to find out more about who she is.

In Part 1 we discussed the importance of motherhood and women’s roles in society, in part 2 we go deeper and look at some foundational life keys you need to have in place to help you achieve a successful and happy life.

Be fabulous dare to dream with some life foundational life keys

Be fabulous dare to dream with some life foundational life keys


When you faced difficulty in your career how to you pick yourself up?


There are many facets to that.


You have to have confidence. I believe that is the foundation to everything yes some people can have more of a measure than others but I don’t think your born with it, but you have to learn to encourage your own confidence. Once you can achieve that you will start to achieve things in life, even those of us who seem to have the most confidence still suffer from self-doubt.

I was reading an article about self-doubt and Posh Spice was sharing how still has ‘those days’ when she doubts herself despite her success.   We all have those moments of self-pity, but always remember that tomorrow is another day and that is what I love about life… A day is 24 hours and tomorrow is a new day and something better is going to happen.

Being Optimistic

Optimism is key. Having a positive attitude is something you sometimes just have to get going in you, people around you aren’t always going to be encouraging, circumstance isn’t always going to look good so you just have to find it in you and make that decision.

Confidence, positivity and consistency.

I think if you have consistency in your life when the bad days come and things happen that you didn’t expect, you can still get through the situation well because you have a consistent pattern, so you can get back on track.


We need to lay a foundation of organization in our life, and by putting our priorities first we can get through those paths of disappointment because that main goal remains the same. The route may change and you have to take the long way round, but because you have an idea of where your going you will get there, because you are organisised.


Then patience. I am very impatient! We have this huge tree at my home and I always like to remind myself that it started life as a seed, but it has grown and now I’m enjoying the beauty of the tree. If someone didn’t plant that tree because they thought it’s going to take years and years to grow so why should I bother planting it? I would never have had that tree; someone has to have planted it so I can enjoy it. So I think patience is huge.


(As Paula shares this metaphor, I think to myself how the role of family and friends is so important in our lives. Good people have planted seeds in us that have the potential to become trees, so we need to be conscious of that and continue the cycle and sow seeds into others too. As Paula shares these wonderful life keys, I realize that our seeds are in our heart and seizing opportunites to sow to others is also how we grow. I am encouraged.)


Building relationships is very important, pulling on peoples resources because when you don’t have the right resource sometimes someone can come along and say something that is going to impact you and your decision process, so it is important to cultivate right relationships.


Finally have trust and faith in the Lord. One of my favourite Bible passages is ‘trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths’.

God came to save and not to destroy; He is the author of our faith. He doesn’t condemn or judge us so why should we do that to our self or to others? We are often self critical and that is when we stay in that lull, we have to see ourselves how He sees us.


That is the end of part 2, and yet there is so much more I want you to get from Paula in Part 3. Paula is a woman who leads by example. I believe it is one thing to find your purpose in life, another to excel in that role but another to have the desire to equip, teach and sow into the lives of others. This is a higher calling that few find in their lives, but when they do much is achieved.

See you for my final Part 3  🙂 x

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Paula Kerr-Jarrett on the campaign trail

Paula Kerr-Jarrett on the campaign trail