Ladies listen up, this blog post will change your lives! This post is all about weight lifting and why strong is the new sexy!! With a huge growth in the amount of female physique and fitness competitors and a shift in the fitness industry we are seeing more and more women picking up those dumbbells!

Here are just a few reasons why you should get pumping some iron:

  • The more muscle you have the more calories you burn!!
  • Weight training is an excellent way to shed fat!
  • Weight training will change your physique! Not only will you shed unwanted body fat but you will develop shapely shoulders, lean legs and a booty that Beyonce would be jealous of!
  • You will become physically stonger! No more struggling carrying in the shopping or unscrewing the lids off of jars. Studies have show that even moderate weight training can increase strength by 30%-50%!
  • It is never too late to start! Age has no bearing on weight training, in-fact lifting weights can help to strengthen our bones and joints which become weaker as we age.
  • Lifting weight can lower your blood pressure and improve heart function


  • Weight training can increase your athletic performance. Whatever sport you currently participate in, try and fit in at least two whole body weight training workouts and see your performance sky rocket
  • Weight training will not make you bulky or manly! Don’t panic ladies, you won’t transform into Arnie! We just don’t possess enough testosterone to develop Hulk like muscles.
Bulky? Manly? I think not!! The beautiful, strong and sexy Mirella Clark

Bulky? Manly? I think not!! The beautiful, strong and sexy Mirella Clark

  • Ditch the 2 kg dumbbells!!! Lifting weights that are lighter than your purse will not change our physique. Steer clear of the tiny dumbbells and challenge yourself. The weight you use should become challenging towards the end of your set. Keep a log book of what weights you use so you can track your progress and make those gains!
  • Lifting weights will increase your confidence!! Knowing your way around the weights section of the gym will seriously improve your gym credentials! Seeing your strength increase and your shape change is a huge confidence booster, plus you’ll look smoking hot in and out of your gym kit!

Ladies pick up those weights! Once you do you will never look back! I absolutely love weight training and I am currently at the end of my “muscle building phase” and I am now ready to start shedding fat and getting lean. Here are just a few pics of my progress so far (now I realize that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I have worked extremely hard to get to this stage!) I will be updating with my progress as I start to lean out.

Current back condition

Current back condition


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Get strong ladies!!

Elly xx