Now summer is in full swing, most of us girls will be fake tanning, or at least using some bronzer to add a sunkissed look to our makeup. For me, bronzer is an absolute makeup bag staple, I use it no matter which season it is, because I always want to look sunkissed. I have experimented with different bronzers over the years (Yes, I am slightly addicted) because bronzer is the best trick to ensure a healthy glow, all year round, and is an absolute must for contouring, (but more on that later)

I am going to be reviewing some different bronzers, to compare which ones are best for natural, or darker looks. Whatever look it is you are trying to achieve when buying a bronzer, I want to get straight to the point on which one is best for which purpose. I am comparing a mixture of  budget beauty buys, and the more luxury, high end price bronzers. Hope you find it useful girlies x

What’s on the menu………..















The Rimmel bronzer is definately a classic budget bronzer that alot of us will have grown up with. It does provide a nice golden coverage, and isn’t too shimmery, however, the pigment is more on the orange side than I tend to wear. A good one to carry in your makeup bag for on the go touch ups if your on a night out, but it doesn’t have the best staying power.

I was pleansently surprised when using this bronzer. When you look closely at the compact,it does look quite shimmery, and has a pinkish tint there also, but dont let that put you off, because the two tone bronze shades compliment each other very well and offer a very light glow, which would suit even the palest of complexions. You may not think by looking at it, that this would be the best bronzer for autumn or winter, but I would recommend this for the cooler seasons because it is light, and blends a dream. Work the darker shade underneath the cheekbones to contour, and the lighter shade just above.

This sheer, and golden bronzer is perfect for those of us with fair complexions, who don’t want alot of colour, but want to look naturally sunkissed. It does give you that just stepped off the beach look, without looking cakey. The blonde shade is the one I have, and the mixture of bronze, light pink and peach colours go together well to give a very healthy look.  I would apply this with a big fluffy bronzing brush and don’t be afraid to build this one up, it takes a few applications to warm up the skin.

Bronzer already in a brush, what more could a girl ask for right? It’s handy, convenient, easy to transport in your handbag, and saves room in the makeup bag, perfect, some might say. If only it didn’t carry such a hefty price tag.

I would definitely take this one with me on holiday, when I don’t tend to wear alot of makeup anyway (usually a tinted moisturiser, bronzer and mascara are my essentials) This one is more for the ladies who like to have that golden, darker, shimmery coverage, which is why I would say this is more of a holiday, summer bronzer. Best for highlighting an already there tan, in my opinion.

Do be careful with the applicator though, less is more. I find when tapping the button to distribute the bronzer, you need to tap off quite alot of excess, or you can end up with too much orange shimmer on the cheeks.

There is a reason why Hoola has been the number 1 best selling bronzer in over 5 years, and it’s due it’s credit. It is still one of my favourites, one that I always go back to, mainly because of its very natural, matte finish. Alot of bronzers on the market contain alot of shimmer, and that’s not always necessary when it comes to looking sunkissed. This bronzer can look daunting in it’s packaging, because of it’s deep, almost chocolate appearance, and with it only being one block of colour, it’s easy to panic when trying to apply it.

There is no need to panic, Hoola will look after you, and will make you look bronzed and beautiful. I use the kabuki brush that comes in the box to apply the bronzer to the relevant areas (underneath the cheekbones, temples, forehead, bridge of nose, and jawline) then use a fluffy brush to blend the colour in. See my tips on application below x

This powder is great for darker complexions, and I love to apply it after a fake tan to achieve a deeper tan. This one is also matte so brilliant for contouring and depth. A little goes along way with this one though.

Mosaic bronzers are great for getting a natural mix of colours which dont look too dark, this MUA one (only available at Superdrug stores) is no exception. Who can argue on the price, at £2.50 you can’t go wrong. This bronzer gives a natural, warm look to the skin, and is a must have for those on a budget. Definiately a winner for me!

Well Nars Laguna is a hit with the celebrities, including Sienna Miller, and who doesn’t want to look as good as Miss Miller? although I cant guarentee you will look anything like her from using this bronzer, it does tick all the boxes for me. Good coverage, not orange, matte,  and you do get alot of product in the packaging, which you would hope for, with the price at £27. I would say on the colour spectrum, it would come closely to Hoola. I do favour Nars products in general (my favourites being their skin illuminator, and the matte multiple sticks) so if you are looking for a good quality product, with alot of followers, this is the one.

Finally we have the bronzer from Laura Mercier, this one, similar to the Soap and Glory powder, offers a touch of warmth to any complexion. It is very light to apply and offers a lovely, glowy, dewy, shade of bronze which would again work well in the colder months, when you don’t want to look as tanned as you may in the summer. This would also be my pick for any bronzing novices out there who are not too sure about using bronzer, and maybe want to experiment with one, this would be a good one for you. It will go on sheer and delicately, with no tell tale signs that you’re wearing product, so in that respect it works very well.

How to contour with bronzer

So since Kim Kardashian took to twitter a while back to show you how she prepares for photo shoots, we have been introduced to the benefits of contouring, and who wouldn’t like those lovely sculpted cheekbones Kim has. This is not the easiest look to achieve if you use the wrong kind of product, but find the shade of bronze you are happy with, and you will be able to contour as much as you like. Remember to use a matte bronzer to contour though as you are trying to create the depth and cheat your way to chiselled cheeks.











Best for contouring

Hoola, Soap and Glory or Nars Laguna

Best for a natural glow

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Bronzer

Best holiday bronzer

Lancome Magic brush or St Tropez powder

Best for fair skin

Guerlain Terracotta powder

Best budget bronzer

MUA Mosaic bronzer

Hope you have found my reviews helpful although it really comes down to personal preference, there are so many on the market.  Remember, you can leave comments under the blog, I would love to hear your thoughts on your favourite bronzers.