I love going to the gym and getting outdoors to exercise but when the weather starts to get cold and wet or you can’t find any babysitters you can always turn to the trusty home workout DVD! I absolutely love fitness DVDs, I have been doing them for years and here are just a few of my favorites.


The queen of the fitness DVD and all round amazing super woman!! Davina, along with fitness pro’s Mark and Jackie have produced a range of kick ass home workout DVDs. I have almost all of the collection and I still use the DVDs for mixing up my cardio. These are brilliant workouts, good fun, good music and easy to follow routines. If Davina’s six pack is any thing to go by these DVDs really do work!

davina1davina 2


Billy Blanks Tae Bo

What can I say about Billy Blanks……he is a fitness genius! Combining many different martial arts to form Tae Bo, a unique blend of cardio, punches, kicks and killer ab work. Believe me, I have done these workouts and have seen the results! Personally I prefer the old school Tae bo workouts but they are all fantastic. Great full body workouts that will leave you drenched in sweat and feeling like a pro martial artist!



Jillian Michaels

This American fitness goddess is a force to be reckoned with ( if you have ever watched Biggest Loser USA you will know what I mean ). Her series of workout DVDs are amazing, I have tried them out and I love them! All the workouts have varying levels of difficulty so no matter what your fitness level is you will be able to complete the exercises. I love her 30 day shred and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism but to be honest you can’t go wrong with any of her DVDs. Plus who wouldn’t want a body like Jillian!



There are literally hundreds of fitness DVDs available and as long as you enjoy doing them and you are seeing results then it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. I will always be a loyal Davina fan as I have seen the results from these workouts and plus I just love Davina!!

My next post will be here on September 1st and it will see the start of the September fitness challenge!!! So if you want to get involved and get sexy in September make sure you look out for the post!

Have an active week ladies xxx