Hey lovely ones, its been a while hasn’t it? After a whirlwind few months im back with all of my fave hair related tales to share with you! Can you believe we have hit the month of september already? Madness!! Now not everyone is a fan of september, for me i love it you can completely re vamp yourself after the summer months and give yourself a gorgeous glow for the winter months to follow.

Here is a little check list of what i look for before i think about any re vamp… How does hair in general look? Too many split ends from to much sun? Dry and brittle? Does blonde look brassy or colour look dull from fading? Does it look lifeless? Are you scraping hair back in a pony tail with fear of anyone seeing how long you haven’t had it cut for??

If your answers are yes to even a few of these then why not give yourself a little make over…especially If that holiday romance has come to an end, what better time to re invent yourself? I am absolutely am in love with Pinterest at the moment so here are a few of my faves I have collected. image

image image image image

image imageHow gorgeous are they? You must take a look and get the app if you haven’t already. I do a little bath time searching on my iPad through so much and the boards people create give you some fantastic ideas.  I do find however when I change my hair colour (which I do a lot) Find I need to change my make up along with it. It is nice as sometimes change is good and what better time to do it?  Below is also a shade chart I found on there to hopefully give you a little inspiration.image   So girls get re vamping…make sure to use a fabulous shampoo and conditioner to keep them locks in great condition, using a treatment once a week will help with any lose ends that need tying up from the sun. Why not try- image This adds incredible shine and lustre, perfect for coloured hair and they have conditioner and treatments to. This is only  £12.75 on feel – bargain!

Happy vamping girls

love K x